Green: Your New Favorite Fall Color

Fall is here, and the colors are changing, to green? That’s right, this season men should skip the brown and the navy and go green. We’re talking the dark kind (think forest, emerald, or hunter). Why? Because brown is so typical, and every guy has enough navy in their closet to last them through winter. Green is underrated, timeless, and will make a man standout in a way other colors can’t.


Take this green blazer; it adds a pop of color without being too flashy.


Wool pants are cool, but a pair in green? That’s worth a head turn.


Speaking of workin’ it. Why not add a green tie to your business suit?


Oh, and don’t forget a good pair of shoes to boot.


Move over, Kermit, because for Fall 2017, wearing green has never been easier.



Dave McDonald

Dapper Ambitions Contributor

I believe the dapper man is not only remembered by how he looks, but by how he carries himself. My stories and posts are inspired by this thought. You can reach me at

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