5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

Smart casual: an ambiguously-defined dress code that generally means neat yet casual attire.

This look is especially key for hot summer months.

Here are 5 go-to smart casual looks every man can depend on this summer season:

Chinos with half sleeve shirts

You might think 1/2 sleeve shirts have actually lost their forte in the industry but that’s far from the truth.

So instead of continuously rolling up your dress shirts during those hot summer days, jump into a short sleeve shirt and some versatile chino pants.

When putting this look together, you should remember that it’s best that the length of the trousers should never really go beyond your ankle. And the overall fit your pants should be somewhat snug.

5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

Likewise, the shirt should also complement your physique. Dolce & Gabbana is a brand for Chinos you can try.

Blazer and jeans

To really achieve the smart casual look, paring a blazer with jeans is your best bet.

What you need to do here is that pick a solid blazer made of linen which would not give you the feeling of winters with straight fit jean. You can even opt for a washed print or some slightly ripped jeans. The combination would in itself be complete for good.

The fit of both the pieces is also key. Some brands to checkout are: True Religion, Versus Versace and Armani.

5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

T-shirt and blazer

As mentioned before, opting for a linen based blazer is key for summer.

But pairing it with a t-shirt is the perfect way to create a smart yet casual look.

Burberry t-shirts are great for this look.

Shorts with long sleeve shirt

Just like the first option that we laid down, this comes as a complete opposite.

Shorts are an integral part of your summer wardrobe and missing it wouldn’t be a feasible idea.

Pair them up with full sleeve casual shirt that breathes well and is tailored for you.

5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

What you need to remember here is that the length of the shorts should not be extremely short or long short.

Polo shirt and trouser

This season, opt for a Polo shirt with trousers to create a clean, handsome and summery combination.

5 Go-To Smart Yet Casual Looks For Summer

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