Don’t Be Afraid To Fade

For men, haircuts are like visiting a fast food joint. You arrive; pick a number and length, and the barber whips up your look. There’s never a consultation or gossipy banter. Its just sit, snip, pay, and leave. – When it comes to hair, men are afraid of change; they know what works and they stick to it.

Newsflash, change is good, and hair grows back (hopefully). So the next time you plop your mop into the barber’s chair, tack this magical word onto your “order”: Fade.

Contrary to the name, the fade is here to stay, and the best part is there are many ways to pull it off.

If you prefer a short and messy look, give this skin fade a try.

Short and messy hair fade

Is your hair a little thicker? No worries, there’s a fade for that.

Thick haired fade

More of a buzz cut guy? Try this low buzz fade.


And it works with curls too.

Curly haired fade

Seeing a pattern here? So the next time you’re due for a do, just remember to ask for a fade. You won’t regret it.



Dave McDonald

Dapper Ambitions Contributor

I believe the dapper man is not only remembered by how he looks, but by how he carries himself. My stories and posts are inspired by this thought. You can reach me at

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