How To Dress When You’re 30 Minutes Late For Work

How To Dress When You’re 30 Minutes Late

It’s the worst. After setting multiple alarms, you wake up to a real-life nightmare; you’ve overslept. Once you throw yourself out of bed and splash water on your face, you hit a roadblock. What the hell do I wear?

Pending on dress code, there are various paths you can take. This list should cover them all.

  1. Startup/Relaxed Dress
  2. Business Casual
  3. Corporate Professional
  4. Just Plain Business

1. Startup/Relaxed Dress

Let’s be clear, a relaxed dress code does not mean you can go to work in a sweatshirt. The only thing worse than oversleeping is having the entire office know. The great thing about startup life is that jeans are acceptable, and at times, t-shirts. This should cut your dress time in half.

Make the following your fail-safes:

Jeans, a button down, and a good pair of dress shoes work great. It will turn your tardy mishap into an early morning doctor’s appointment. No one needs to know.

Jeans and a button down shirt

Forget to iron your shirts? Amateur. Throw on a nice sweater instead.

2. Business Casual

This one takes a bit more thought, but not much. Be happy you don’t have to wear a tie.

When business casual is your end game, remember these combos:

Khakis and any colored oxford. It looks good, and unless you have a presentation, it’s acceptable in pretty much every work setting.

How To Dress When You’re 30 Minutes Late For Work

Looking for something a bit more formal and quick? Try a classic white button down with slacks. It looks great and takes zero thought.

3. Corporate Professional

See business casual, but add a tie. Remember, you’re late, so bring it with you and put it on in the bathroom.

Here are some examples of ties included.

With bow tie:

With long tie:

4. Just Plain Business

Looks like you’re just plain screwed. If you don’t have a pressed suit ready, 30 minutes late is now 45 minutes late. Here are some pointers.

If possible, keep a blue and black suit jacket behind your office door, cube, or in your car. This saves you time and prevents you from sweating through your clothes on your way to work.

For outfit options, go with the white shirt and slacks option mentioned under business casual, and add a matching tie and jacket.

Want to not be late again? Try placing your phone across your bedroom out of reach. If that doesn’t work, then you’re pretty much a hopeless cause.

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