Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Haves For Summer

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

The summer is the perfect season to experiment with funky prints and even bright colors.


What better time that to bring out that short-sleeve, button down shirt with the lobsters all over it?!

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer
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Just kidding….

But with that said, while’s there’s a ton of room to play around and get crazy, there are still some fashion basics that you should stick to this summer.

Here are some fashion must-haves for summer:

A wide collared shirt

If you take a look at the trends in the last few years, you’ll probably find that the shape has gotten a lot more constrictive in nature, with defining fits to the body.

Instead of sticking to the oh-so-basic trend, instead, opt for a Cuban collar shirt or commonly called: a wide-collared shirt.


It’s the new sexy in menswear.

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

Linen trousers

Linen trousers are the hottest things for the season.

You can choose from the wide-legged trousers or form fit Chinos. Just remember that linen is the fabric that can provide the best comfort.

Keep the length appropriate (neither too short nor going past your heel) and you’d rock the look effortlessly.

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

Vibrant pastels

Since the summer seasons screams nothing but heat, wearing dark colors is not recommened what-so-ever.

As we all know, dark colors attracts the warmth of the sun rays while lighter shares tend to repel.

So this summer, opt for light hues like: yellows, turquoise and pinks.

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

Breathable underwear

If you aren’t feeling comfortable down there, no matter what you do on the outside, you won’t be feeling happy.

You need to keep a balance between your undergarments and the outfits. After all, they add another layer on your body and that’s enough to make you feel even hotter.

Hence, you must choose it carefully.

Footwear that works for you

Have you felt the sweat sliding through your body all the way to your legs?

Or, the swampy feeling when you know that your socks are drenched in sweat?

Isn’t it a disgusting feeling?

Men's Fashion: 5 Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

If that’s the feeling you’re getting with your current shoes, opt for a pair that is breathable and provides awesome comfort.

And while opting for some summery shoes in a corporate setting might be tough, at least opt for the most breathable yet stylish shoes you can wear, outside of the corporate world. 🙂

What do you call a summer essential??

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