Men’s Fashion: 5 Trends To Ditch This Summer

Men’s Fashion: 5 Trends To Ditch This Summer

Who would want to project an Orthodox and conventional personality by wearing something that’s not in trend anymore?

No one, I guess!

Everyone tries to stay in sync with the current trend.

However, there is a tiny bit of hoarder in every man around, who find it hard to let go of the old clothes and explore the fresh options.

Are you one of those men?

Give yourself a fresh start this Summer.

Listed below are some trends that may have been an integral part of your closet for years, but you need ditch this year.

Check them out below:

Slogan T-shirts

Gone are the days when the t-shirts featuring slogans, jokes and large logos as well as prints were considered cool.

This is no more an acceptable trend for men.

Men’s Fashion: 5 Trends To Ditch This Summer

Whether you’re up for a casual weekend getaway or chilling at the beach, these tees will only raise eyebrows and not for good reasons, of course.

There is a slight difference between wearing designer clothes and going over-the-board.

The polo shirts, dress shirts and Hawaiian t-shirts are very much ‘in’.

So, instead of going with the billboards of advertisements, opt for the sophisticated styles.

Deep V-neck

As the concept of metrosexual came into vogue and the fitness regime took the front seat, the visible man’s cleavage was given the green signal.

However, there are better ways of flaunting your chiseled physique these days.

Go for tees that dip just a few inches below your collarbone.

Avoid wearing the t-shirts with a deep neckline.

Stick to the classic crew neckline and show off your abs by wearing well-tailored shirts and t-shirts.

Embroidered and Baggy Bottoms

Regardless of the age and lifestyle, the embroidered jeans and trousers should be cleared off from the closet of every man.

The bedazzling prints and chains hanging from the belts may give a standout look to some of the celebrities and pop stars, but for the general public, it is anything, but stylish.

Sticking to the conventional solid shades is key.

Along with this, the fit really matters these days.

Make sure that you get the trousers in wardrobe tailored properly. This category of men’s fashion has seen a lot of changes. The mid-rise pants are the most acceptable ones these days.

So, make sure that you ditch the sagging as well as high-rise jeans if you have any.

Men’s Fashion: 5 Trends To Ditch This Summer

Broad Shoulder Suit

Layering the formal attire with a suit is inevitable at times.

While it is easier during the Fall, Summer makes it a bit difficult.

This is why most men prefer wearing loose fit suits.

The coat with broad shoulder may be cozy, but will ruin your entire look.

The shoulder should lie flat and the seam should meet exactly where your arm meets your shoulder.

The hem should end where your fingertip naturally ends.

The length of the sleeve should end a couple of inches above the palm.

Sandals with Socks

The very first thing that you need to get rid of this Summer is your flip-flops.

The laid back style is comforting, but not an apt choice for a stylish appearance.

Even if you are wearing sandals, make sure that you don’t pair a sock with it.

Men’s Fashion: 5 Trends To Ditch This Summer

Even the crocks were praised for their unparalleled cozy appeal, but are not in trend anymore.

Try the espadrilles, sneakers and driving shoes, if you are looking for something that is cozy and stylish at the same time.

Are you all set to clear out your closet?

Share your experience in the comments below.

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