Four Instagram Looks We Love For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving looks for men

The month of gatherings is here. Cue the friendsgivings, reunions, and the best part, amazing food. If things aren’t in full force yet, it’s sure to ramp up soon. Which means now is the time to start planning your outfits.

To help with ideas we sifted through Instagram and found four looks for men we love. Keep scrolling; you’ll thank us later.

1. Friendsgiving Casual

Thanksgiving with friends should never take effort, because well, they’re your friends. There’s no need to impress them, they love you for you, but it’s still a holiday so the look matters.

Take this look featuring @michael_tall. Khakis and a forest green t-shirt go together great, and the blazer adds a touch of formality. Perfect for when you hit the bars after dessert.

Photo courtesy of @michael_tall on Instagram.

2. The Class Reunion Double Take

Class reunions are like pulling teeth. The small talk can be debilitating, and seeing an old ex isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Thank god for alcohol. Walk into the room with a look that shows you’ve grown into something great since the awkward days of high school.

An outfit like @wallstreetpaper‘s will turn heads. The mock turtleneck shows sophistication and approachability. While the jeans are casual enough to make it seem like you don’t care, while still being formal enough for the bar. Add a killer pair of brown boots and a hunter green jacket, and you’ll be the talk of the class in all the best ways.

Photo courtesy of @wallstreetpaper on Instagram.

3. Best Dressed Sibling

Competition never stops with siblings, especially with brothers. Show up to your parents with a look that says “I’m busy with life”. The goal: deflecting mom’s “when are you going buy your own place/settle down” questions.

This look via @westonboucher should be enough to curb those awkward questions. Crisis averted.

Photo courtesy of @westonboucher on Instagram.

4. Homecoming Heartthrob

When returning home for the holiday, one thing is inevitable; A trip to the bar. Walk into the joint with a look that gives all your former prospects remorse for missing the chance when they had it.

@brightbizar has the right idea. His pea coat and striped shirt combo bring together summer and fall into one outfit. Walk in with a look like this and everyone will be throwing themselves at you wondering how you’ve been. – Tell them about it, stud.

Photo courtesy of @brightbazaar on Instagram.

Now that you’ve got your outfit settled, it’s time to start preparing for that post-thanksgiving diet, because, #goals.

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