The day is over, and it’s time to take on the night. But before you strut down the streets, you need to find the perfect outfit.

Thus begins this emotional roller coaster…

After pouring your pregame drink, you hit your closet with confidence.

“I’m going to look so hot tonight.”

You start to get annoyed. 

“Ugh my clothes are so old, I need to go shopping ASAP!”

You brush it off and keep digging.

“Its totally fine. I can make this work.”

Soon, you’re in front of the mirror trying everything on.

“Is this too tacky?”

“Too slutty, or not enough?”

“Should I iron this?”

– All very important questions.

Your insecurities hit hard.

“I’m the ugliest person alive! I should just go lie down in traffic.”

Reality sets in.

“I need to be in an Uber in 30 minutes! Get it together!”

More digging….

Your curiosity piques.

“What’s that in the corner of my closet?”

Jackpot! It’s that shirt you bought drunk online after blacking out at the club.

“In tequila I trust.”


Uber is on its way, one last check in front of the mirror.

“Damnnn I look good! Thank god for drunk shopping.”


You sashay into your Uber and hit the town.

“Done and done!”

Moral of the story? Spare yourself this emotional train wreck and check fashion ambitions or dapper ambitions (for the fellas) for the latest fashion news and advice.

Oh, and don’t drink and shop.



Dave McDonald

Dapper Ambitions Contributor

I believe the dapper man is not only remembered by how he looks, but by how he carries himself. My stories and posts are inspired by this thought. You can reach me at

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