Out of the ordinary jeans have been known to come up every now and again but as of recently, these out-of-box denim ideas have become more frequent.

For example, there was the “clear knee” jeans from Topshop and then there was the the “bare butt” jeans from Vetements x Levis collaboration which basically provided easy access to your booty at all times.

But now, lo and behold the plumber’s butt jeans from ASOS.

These jeans are considered their “high waisted straight leg jeans with open back.”

And they’re exactly what they sound like. See for yourself:

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ASOS Selling Jeans That Give You Permanent Plumber's Butt

The pants feature a half-moon shaped cutout in the back with a piece of fabric going down the middle.

What do you think?

ASOS Selling Jeans That Give You Permanent Plumber's Butt



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