Balenciaga just bumped Gucci from the top spot taking the title as the hottest brand in fashion this quarter.


BoF partnered with global fashion search platform, Lyst, to analyze the behavior of over 65 million annual consumers, shopping across the world’s largest inventory of luxury and contemporary fashion.

And after analyzing 4.5 million data points per hour from over 65 million annual consumers, five million products and 12,000 brands, here are the most current rankings:

Balenciaga Steals Gucci’s Crown To Become The Hottest Brand In Fashion
Source: BoF

Gucci may have taken the number one spot last quarter, but this quarter they dropped a spot, taking second.

But Gucci still however remains the most consistent of brands when it comes to staying within the hottest brand category.

This year, Gucci launched Gucci Décor, which provides an home furnishings as well as treatments — and announced their collaboration with Dapper Dan, which drove a surge in brand searches across the e-commerce sites in which Lyst aggregates.

But Balenciaga‘s new logo and narrative has really made the brand most coveted this quarter.

The brand was even able to make the most sought after sock sneaker, costing $700 (click here for details).

Balenciaga Steals Gucci’s Crown To Become The Hottest Brand In Fashion
Source: Oracle Fox

The most impressive moves, however, come from Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, which was able to jump 31 spots, allowing the brand to become the third-hottest fashion brand in the world in Q3.

Off-White was able to knock Kanye West’s Yeezy out of the top 10 this quarter,  which held the number two spot in Q2.

Abloh’s brand is known to be well suited to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers’ internet-driven dress codes.

And with that in mind, according to consultancy Bain & Company, as Gen-Z spending habits increase, streetwear continues to help boost global sales of personal luxury goods by 5 percent to an estimated total of $309 billion in 2017.

This quarter, BoF not only found that four of the five new entrants to the Lyst Index, fall into the streetwear realm, but they also are making an appearance in the top 10 for the first time.

Here are the 4 newcomers:

  1. Off-White
  2. Stone Island
  3. Moncler
  4. Raf Simons

Thanks to leaked details on a future collab with Supreme and heavy promotion from rapper Drake, Stone Island was able to jump 33 spots.

Similarly, searches for the brand Moncler skyrocketed after rapper Skepta was photographed wearing the brand’s upcoming collab with Craig Green.

And finally, while Raf Simons released the much discussed “duct tape belt“, which currently retails for $588, Simons is also regarded as a streetwear inspiration by a number of influential rap artists, which include:

  • Travis Scott
  • Frank Ocean
  • A$AP Rocky

And if that wasn’t enough, this past July, A$AP Rocky released a single called “RAF” which then contributed to a 34 percent spike in Raf Simons search enquiries this quarter.

For more on the study, click here.

Also check out the top products for this quarter:

Balenciaga Steals Gucci’s Crown To Become The Hottest Brand In Fashion
Source: BoF


Note: These rankings were formulated using Google and Lyst search data, engagement statistics, conversion rates and sales.



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