Online Sales? Chanel Says Maybe One Day

Online Sales? Chanel Says Maybe One Day

While Chanel has claimed to have no immediate plans for online sales of it’s most coveted outfits or handbags, a senior executive told BoF, the brand may consider it in the future.

For now, the fashion house will remain selling their perfumes, like the Chanel No 5, as well as eyeglasses and beauty products online.

Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion at Chanel says they will keep it that for the foreseeable future and also notes at the Vogue conference in Paris:

“If you give everything to everyone straight away, I think you lose that exclusivity. I’m not saying we won’t try it one day, but if we do it will be because we’ll really think there’s some added value.”

Initially, luxury brands were slow and hesitant to make their goods shoppable online as they worried that making products too widely available would eliminate exclusivity of their products.

Online Sales? Chanel Says Maybe One Day

But most designers have brought their goods online like conglomerate LVMH, parent to Louis Vuitton.

And according to consultancy Bain, web sales will make up some 10 percent of revenues in the luxury goods market this year.

Bain also projects that web sales could reach 25 percent by 2025.

But don’t think that just because Chanel’s continued web sales opt-out will drag on the business. Pavlovsky notes that the label continues to reach younger audiences and waiting lists for best-selling bags have been on the rise.

Pavlovsky also mentions that since buyers want to try on the clothes, the business is looking into providing “e-services” which will allow buyers to either reserve items online or make store appointments.

But Pavlovsky is confident in not bringing Chanel handbags and apparel online:

“Every time I’m in China I meet clients who come and say, ‘Whatever you do don’t do e-commerce. The day you do it for us this won’t be exclusive anymore.'”

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