The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy

So, you know those heels you saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing that had “Kourt” printed across the top of her feet?

Those gorgeous babies were made by one of the most coveted designers right now, Marskinryyppy.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy
Source: US Magazine

Marskinryyppy has also been spotted on the feet of major celebs like Yolanda Hadid and Chrissy Teigen 

And it doesn’t stop there, notable influencers like Marianna Hewitt, Rocky BarnesEmilia Bechrakis Serhant, Olivia Culpo, Caroline Vreeland and Louise Roe have also fell head over heels in love with the brand. 🙂

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy
Source: Instagram @emilia_bechrakis

Nicole Brundage is the mastermind behind the label and has worked major designers like Giorgio Armani, Zac Posen, and Manolo Blahnik before creating her very own.

So we reached out to Nicole to talk about her coveted line, Marskinryyppy and how you can snag a pair of your very own.

Check out our conversation below:

After years of working with the best of the best in the fashion industry, how does it feel to call Marskinryyppy your own? And what do you love most about it?

I am so proud of this brand. I am wide-eyedly curious and excited about the potential and evolution.

Each season the team grows and becomes stronger and that gives me more security as a designer.

I had two lines of my own in the past but with Marskinryyppy it is different. I feel it is more grounded yet has a sort of enigma about it. The name and its DNA are fundamentally enigmatic and it is fascinating to me to see the brand transform each season.

What sets Marskinryyppy apart from anything you’ve ever done?

I see that given a specific theme or direction truly helps me creatively as it allows me to really focus and then expand.

With Marskinryyppy, the PVC theme developed organically from the beginning and has created a strong response from the market, and even though the Marskinryyppy DNA is more complex than just this one aspect of the brand.

I am still reveling in experimenting with this materiel and many others.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy
Source: Instagram @yolanda.hadid

When did you know you were meant to be in the fashion world?

It was a given since I was little. I never questioned it, I always knew.

Everything I did as a little girl was tied somehow to fashion. I used to watch Style with Elsa Klensch every Saturday morning. I would make projects for myself and craft pieces, such as ornate paper-made purses, wildly theatrical head-bands and dolls made from scratch with singly sewn yarns for hair, designing an entire look for them. I even took up crocheting once and then beaded and painted over those pieces.

How do you find inspiration for a new collection?

One collection flows from another, as there are styles that continue to be relevant to the market. Those styles help me determine what is working and why.

I don’t really create mood boards. I test out ideas and designs from the beginning in order to see whether or not they are actually something that could be remarkable and in line with the brand’s tendencies and DNA.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy
Source: Instagram @marianna_hewitt

Sometimes an idea pops up at the beginning at the design stage, gets eliminated and at the very end is brought back impulsively and becomes my favorite piece.

The process is about being intuitive and authentic, all the while being aware of what is working in the market and knowing where it is heading.

I also have the advantage of being able to wear my own pieces and understand why certain styles work better than others. It’s a mix of practicality and artistry, actuality and vision.

How are colors and textiles chosen when forming a collection for Marskinryyppy?

The same fluctuation happens with choosing colors and textiles for a season… a color/material chart is made from the beginning but pieces are taken out and new ones put in. This continues throughout the process until timing doesn’t allow for any more changes.

Doubt and re-evaluation are innately part of my process, until the end when it finally comes together in a harmonic way.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over- Marskinryyppy
Caroline Vreeland for Marskinryyppy

What’s your favorite Marskinryyppy shoe and why?

I have several new favorites from the new SS18 collection I am working on.

A new Birkenstock-inspired slide for summer and an all-PVC fetishistic pump which is so fresh to me.

But with all the collections I’ve designed I must say that in the end, the brand’s iconic style, a transparent PVC sandal–the Pauwau–is by far the shoe I’ve worn the most in all its diverse silhouettes. It goes with everything; it’s intriguing and comfortable (as pvc is temperature-sensitive and molds to the foot with the body’s heat); and it is an elegant sexy that feels right for any occasion and female profile.

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Your customizable Pauwau pieces are really the definition of elegance meets playful.

Thank you, I love that it is perceived as such. That was my intention.

Celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have been spotted in these fun pieces. How did the concept come about?

The personalization aspect of the transparent sandal came when I noticed other brands beginning to produce transparent sandals of their own, and I knew I had to keep my “baby” strong and unique on the market as it has always been a best-seller.

The idea of personalizing a luxury product or intellectualizing it by using catchy phrases or messages came naturally as a way to distinguish my product from the others and make it special, intriguing, and of course more playful.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over- Marskinryyppy
Louise Roe for Marskinryyppy

There’s nothing better when you can find a way to connect with the consumer through your product. The customizable Pauwau shoes really give buyers a chance to express themselves through your shoes. Are you hoping/planning to introduce another concept where your buyers can express themselves creatively through your pieces?

Yes exactly, I wanted to bring the consumer into the design process and allow them to feel creative and more attached to the product.

However, the idea of buyers expressing themselves through a fashion product occurs every day with the simple act of how they combine it with the rest of their wardrobe and adapt it to their personal style.

Who would you like to collaborate with for a collection?

Marskinryyppy meets Solange Azagury Partridge for a design collaboration, she is a true visionary.

Is there anything exciting we can expect in the future for Marskinryyppy?

An artist never reveals her next projects. 🙂

To get a pair of your very own Marskinryyppy heels (customizable options available), click here.

The Customized Heel Every Celebrity Is Obsessing Over: Marskinryyppy

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