If you’re looking to take any outfit up a notch, what do you typically do?

Add statement jewelry.

Some of us may say a truly successful outfit is never complete without the right  jewelry.

That’s why we reached out to Maria Gabriela Mancin, co-founder of jewelry line: MAGAMA.

Check out our conversation below where we talk about the distinctive, sexy and liberating pieces within MAGAMA and how you can shop the collection:

Can you explain the story behind the name: MAGAMA?

MAGAMA stands after my name Maria Gabriela Mancin.

It all started when I was in law school in Venezuela. On the side I was also studying jewelry and metalworking to satisfy my passion for accessories.

Using the knowledge from my goldsmithing and stone placing classes, I created my first collection a year after that was all handmade by me.

Elevate Your Look With MAGAMA

You went into business with your brother. Did you always know you wanted to be business partners? Do you both provide input on both the men and women pieces? Explain the dynamic.

After I finished my program at Parsons, my brother was also graduating from University of Colorado earning a Bachelor’s in business and marketing.

So then the question was:

“what do we do next?”

We both gained experience working at different companies for a year and during this period we started brainstorming for MAGAMA.

I wanted to create something in the fashion accessory industry and he wanted to have his own business.

It was this moment when we thought about MAGAMA, something I knew and had knowledge about.

We have always believed in one another, so we wanted to do work together.

Carols and I have always been very close, so working with each other is really actually fun. We are very different in many ways, but that’s what gives the perfect combination.

Elevate Your Look With MAGAMA

Every single piece of jewelry is created together. Even if I’m the designer I would never produce a piece that we both don’t totally agree on.

Did you always know you wanted to create a jewelry line?

I knew I wanted to create accessories, but jewelry was always my first option.

Why jewelry? Why not apparel or anything else?

Jewelry tells a story.

I have jewelry that belonged to my great grandmother, grandmother, mom and some that I have collected from trips.

That power of jewelry to tell a story and pass from generation to generation spoke to me.

I wanted to create that timeless feeling and conversation pieces.

In the end jewelry is my favorite accessory. You could be wearing a plain t-shirt and the right jewelry would make a statement.

Your designs are meant to create empowerment and confidence. What are some of your favorite pieces at the moment that really help bring that message to life?

I love them all, it the depends on the moment and outfit.

If I would have to pick I love the Metropolis and District earring because they make such a statement and all the pearl pieces, they are just so fun and I know people are staring when I wear them.

Elevate Your Look With MAGAMA

The dog tags, Lex and Sophie, are also very powerful. Having that military inspiration and translating it to an everyday look gives it that sense of coolness and sophistication.

What’s your favorite way to style MAGAMA pieces?

I think everyone brings their own personality when they style the pieces, and that’s the cool part of them.

I personally love to style them in that kind of Saint Laurent vibe – blazer, tuxedo, ripped jeans and t-shirt, leather pants.

I love black and white because I think all jewelry stands out when you are wearing neutrals.

What sets MAGAMA apart from any other jewelry line today?

MAGAMA plays with materials and colors.

We try to make the gemstones the protagonist and from there create our MAGAMA signature print. This print has inspiration from our culture as well as from the art deco era.

We want to reflect our passion for art, architecture and culture.

Elevate Your Look With MAGAMA

How can customers purchase MAGAMA pieces today? Are you only online?

We have our online store www.itsmagama.com.

And our showroom is in Miami where you can shop, try the jewelry and experience the MAGAMA lifestyle.

We are currently selling at OC concept in the Design District in Miami, Frankie Miami Beach and in October we will be selling at Volver in St. Barth’s.

Elevate Your Look With MAGAMA

What can we expect for the future of MAGAMA?

We definitely want to grow and expand our presence in the US, Europe and Asia.

In the near future we want to produce a curated collection of fine jewelry.

Furthermore, we would also love to widen our product line and create more fashion accessories other than jewelry. This process is so exciting, so as the brand blooms we learn and grow with it.

Elevate Your Look With Jewelry Line MAGAMA



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