Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

We all know about those famous “gym hotties” that every gym in the world has. You know, the ones with their super cute gym tops with matching leggings and sneakers, always clean hair (?!?!?!) tied in a perfect ponytail, or a “messy bun”, who manage to work out like beasts without breaking a sweat and always sip their fancy workout drinks.

While looking at them we always think to ourselves:

“My God I want to look like that, I want to dress like her”.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out
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Well, by the time you finish reading this article, you will also be able to become that super cool “gym hottie”.

Take notes.

Polyester is your new best friend

Not every material is made for everyone. While some people enjoy cotton, others prefer synthetics, while the third ones get rash from it every single time – and that is definitely not a “gym hottie” thing, right?

Finding suitable fitness clothes can be pretty difficult, but lucky for us, there is one thing called polyester. It is perfect for everyone since it is designed to be a fitting material for work-out gear (and that is what all those cute gym pieces are made of). It draws the sweat away from your body and literally pushes it to the outer surface. Plus, it is incredibly comfortable even though it doesn’t look like that.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

Starting from the bottom

When talking about shoes, some of us will automatically think of Carrie Bradshaw’s statement that sometimes it is hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes, and that’s why we need really special ones to make the walk a little more fun.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

Even though this statement is related to those fancy stilettos of hers, you can also transfer it to gym shoes. Never let your gym shoes get dirty. If you love garnish colors (like lime green, orange or pink), or you don’t usually wear them but they catch your eye every time – go for it. You will definitely be noticed. However, be careful as they need to match your clothing.

As for the socks, make sure you have socks for training purposes only. Never wear washed out or torn socks to the gym (or anywhere for that matter).


The best options are definitely polyester or lycra shorts or leggings, since they are designed not to get in your way. Even though those patterned ones look super cool, you might want to start with monochromatic ones, until you get used to them.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out


If you are going monochrome with your leggings or shorts, you are free to go wild with tops.

If not, it’s the opposite.

It’s totally up to you whether you decide to go with a crop top or regular top, but if you want our opinion, regular tops are probably better paired with shorts while crop tops are better off with leggings.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

If the weather is cold, it is a perfect chance to throw on a cool sport hoodie.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

Oh, and of course, when it comes to matching colors, follow the usual rules.

Here is the list of colors you should never wear together:

  • Brown and black,
  • Purple and brown,
  • Gold and silver (ew, my God),
  • Brown and pink,
  • Orange and green (since you are a human, not a carrot),
  • Navy and black,
  • Blue and gold,
  • Brown and maroon,
  • and pink and bronze.

Memorize this short list and you’ll be safe from making the biggest color-combo mistakes ever.


Since you are going to be sweating a lot, consider getting some cute sweatbands which will match your outfit.

Gym Fashion: How To Look Good While Working Out

If you are a lifter, cool and versatile colored gym mittens are a must, since besides looking super badass, they will also save your lovely palms.

If you love listening to music while working out, replace your wired headphones with small wireless earbuds since they won’t get nasty from all that sweat like those bulky “gamer” ones would.

And of course, the last, but probably the most important accessory is your sweat.

That would be it. The fact is that, if we look good, we will also feel good. So why shouldn’t we look our best at the gym as well, right? Stay sexy, get sweaty and work harder than your waterproof mascara.

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