How To Dress For The Super Bowl

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

So you’re either totally stoked about Super Bowl or you totally forgot it was evening happening this weekend, right?

Well, regardless of whether you’ve been keeping up with the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons this season, you really don’t want to miss the 51st Super Bowl.

After all, there will be a ton of new commercials to look forward to, an amazing halftime show featuring Lady Gaga and of course booze + snacks!

But are you game day ready? Meaning, do you have your outfit all figured out?

If you haven’t, here are some options to help you take over your Super Bowl party:

The Vintage Cut-Off Shirt

These aren’t just for lounging, these are perfect for events like the Super Bowl.


Beer and snacks of course! You’ll want to make sure you’re in comfortable gear, so why not opt for a loose vintage t-shirt or sweater?

You can obviously choose to wear your beloved team or for one of the teams that are actually playing. Your call.

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

Glam It Up

If you’re a fashionista who likes to be on point at all times, you always find a way to make a sports jersey totally chic.

And lucky you, you don’t have to ditch the heels this Sunday, as you can totally make them a part of your outfit. We just something fierce.

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

Rock Your Boyfriends Jersey

There’s nothing like wearing your boyfriend’s jersey. And if anything, he’ll probably love it.

Spice it up with a mesh dress underneath or keep it super casual with some leggings or skinny jeans.

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

Crop It

Cropped anything is always fun.

Pair this with leggings or a comfy midi skirt and of course, your favorite sneakers.

How To Dress For The Super Bowl

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