How To Look Cute In Your Boyfriends Clothes

I began “stealing” my boyfriends clothing almost as soon as we started dating.

At first, I had only explored his tees and button downs and I was usually just wearing them to sleep or relax in.

At this point, I was a rookie.

Overtime, I’ve come to learn that when I go shopping for him, I should definitely keep myself in mind.

Here’s how:

My progress through his closet was a bit slow.

Like I said, I started out with his tees and button downs.

I then discovered his sweaters.

Say what you want but there are very few women’s brands that make the perfect “big” and “comfy” sweater.

How To Look Cute In Your Boyfriends Clothes

The same applies to women’s button downs.

Every company tries to add in a line or make them appear more feminine by making the bottom or waistline of the sweater more fitted.

This only makes me and every other woman out there look like a pear.


The great thing about men’s sweaters is that this just doesn’t exist!

How To Look Cute In Your Boyfriends Clothes

Two years into the relationship, I have come quite far. There are so many moments when I turn to his massive wardrobe for a scarf, jacket, shirt, belt (if I can rig it…Ha!) and shoes!


This is where I’ve really just FLOURISHED.

If you’re like me, a size women’s ten…this translates to a men’s eight!

WHICH HE JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE!!! The great thing is that he also has wonderful taste so I benefit from this as well.

How To Look Cute In Your Boyfriends Clothes

His Golden Goose (Geese? Hahah) and Jack Purcell’s tie my outfit together in a way no other sneaker has ever been able to.

His belts can be a bit tricky. But the art of “rigging” is a special one.

Even better: his sweaters from when he was sixteen fit me perfectly!

His jackets can also be a little tricky because he is much larger than me.


If you pair it with a cute sweater and roll the sleeves, it can add some shape.

You will definitely want to try incorporating some of your boyfriend’s items into your outfits.

Just make sure you don’t get your makeup on it and remember that knowing how to rig some of his items can be a lifesaver.

And of course, keep yourself in mind when you go shopping for him!

Now, let’s just pray he doesn’t break up with me!

How To Look Cute In Your Boyfriends Clothes



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