Kim Kardashian West-Backed App Wants To Change The Way You Shop

Kim Kardashian West-Backed App Wants To Change The Way You Shop

Have you ever found yourself wanting to shop an Instagram post by one of your favorite influencers? Or maybe you just want to know where the girl you secretly hate, got her bag? But would never ask?

Well, there’s a new app in town called ScreenShop and it claims to be the first mobile platform to seamlessly convert any screenshot on your phone into a shoppable store.

ScreenShop is a New York-based app and was produced by startup developer Craze.


So here’s how it works:

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Import it into the ScreenShop app

That’s it!

And the apps patent-pending technology will then generate shopping results which provide similar clothing at various different price points.

From there when you select an item, you will be redirected to a retail partner’s online store to complete your purchase.

Kim Kardashian West became an early adopter of the app and has served as an adviser to ScreenShop for more than a year notes:

“Fashion is moving from a retail space to digital so quickly. Finding the technology of screenshotting anything and within seconds turning it into a digital store was groundbreaking–I’ve never seen that before.”

Kardashian continued:

“I’m so inspired by ’90s fashion and seeing all these Instagram accounts like ’90s Anxiety and Virgo Mood, I know to screenshot it, it goes right into ScreenShop and I can find things that are similar.”

Note: While Forbes reports that Kardashian does own a minority stake in the company; ScreenShop declined to provide further details on the financial relationship.

 Molly Hurwitz, ScreenShop cofounder and CMO mentioned in a phone interview:

“As a woman who loves fashion and shopping I lean on friends and influencers who have great style.”

Hurwitz mentions that when she took screenshots of looks on Instagram and later tried to Google search the products with general search terms like:

  • ‘floral dress’ or
  • ‘Yves Saint Laurent black pump’

She said:

“I found that process to be really cumbersome and I couldn’t find a good solution.”

And that’s essentially when the idea for ScreenShop was born.

Hurwitz brought on formal colleague, Mark Fishman and digital entrepreneur, Jonathan Caras, as cofounders and when Hurwitz met Kim Kardashian in 2016, through a friend, she signed her up to help guide the company’s product.

With that, ScreenShop makes money via commission at the point of sale, through:

  • clicks on a product
  • paid brand placements on the “Discover” tab

And based on the app’s interactions, Caras notes:

“What we’ve found is people are less interested in buying the exact same thing. They were interested in being presented a wide variety of similar items and through this key insight we clarified the product’s vision.”

Hurwitz and Fishman self-funded the company with $600,000 for the first six months and then closed $4.5 million in funding from friends and family in May 2017.


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