So it looks like swimsuit designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is calling out Emily Ratajkowski‘s new swimwear line Inamorata for infringement.

Fernandez released an official announcement on Monday morning which claims that Ratajkowski’s “Cardiff” one-piece and “Vulcan” top are copies of her namesake label’s “Poppy” and “Leandra” swim pieces.

Note: Both “Poppy” and “Leandra” were registered on June 21, 2015

In a previous interview with Fashionista, Fernandez revealed that she registers her designs through Germany for protection throughout the EU.

And any brand that allegedly steal her designs and happens to do business in Europe, will then receive a cease and desist letter. With that, Inomarata ships internationally.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fernandez personally confronts copycat designers and has also refused to sell to buyers who also work with those designers.

Oh but there’s still more.

The designer has also taken to social media to call attention to these matters.

Ex. Fernandez has been posting photos on Instagram, specifically photos of press that have covered her situation with Ratajkowski and Inamorata.

Lisa Marie Fernandez Files Lawsuit Against Emily Ratajkowski

With that, Fernandez has called for an immediate cease and desist and filed suit against Inamorata in federal court in New York.

In the past, Fernandez has called out other brands for stealing her original work, which include:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Triangl
  • Cotton On
  • and Solid and Striped



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