Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017

Fashion is like liquid: it flows and transforms, and it’s never done.

The beauty of fashion inspiration lies within its timeless influence and the magnitude of its sophistication; fashion is a simple way of uttering complicated feelings, and we can’t help but be in love with every inch of it. Mixing practical with the desirable, strange with the usual, glamorous with street makes fashion a true live-in art not many understand, but those who do – worship.

With the NYFW behind us, we are still overwhelmed by the complexity of collections presented and the magnificent messages behind it: 2017 NYFW catwalk was exhilarating and liberating, so much so that just looking at the models walking their cuts made our knees shiver.

To all of you who couldn’t attend (but secretly hoped they’d be picked up and brought to the first row), we’re collecting a few standout moments of the season (unfortunately, we couldn’t list ALL of the designers we were thrilled by).

Here, a mix of clothes and superb makeup options to brighten up your day:



Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017
Ralph Lauren

This time around, we were stunned with Ralph Lauren collection which was outstandingly seductive, radiant and feminine.

The easiness of fabric choices was exceptional while cuts charming and enticing.

The woman RL was designing for? A strong city girl who isn’t afraid to embrace her sexuality while still managing to keep things elegant. Brava!


Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017

The old “there was something for everyone” definitely applies to fashion week: unlike Ralph Lauren who seduced with its feminine glamour, Browne went edgy and corky, definitely modern and very futuristic.

The monochrome pallet in both clothes and makeup was quite intriguing. Still, speaking of makeup – it was overdone and a tad forced (maybe hinting at clownish, even) but… we guess that was the idea in the first place.

If anything, this collection is definitely something that’ll be talked about.


Delpozo did not lack that WOW factor designers are striving to achieve, not for a second! We were blown away with the textured elegance and colorful sophistication of the designs presented. The models were gorgeous wearing every single piece!

Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017

The runway was shaking with the fabulous splashes of layered colors and intricate patterns; the biggest surprise were contrasts: easy materials perfectly paired with neoprene angular colorblocking, with a hint of spooky – definitely a one-time experience.

Wearing Delpozo, you can’t get melancholic even during the foggiest of NY days!


Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017

The collection we saw, was the collection we’ve expected: army, ripped, dark and neutral, evocative of something that could easily be called “homeless chic”.

In all honestly, there’s something very exciting about the homeless elegance Mr West is forcing, but we can’t really tell what.

His army ripped street looks that walked the runway are sure to be the next hit with the young crowd and we’re kind of thrilled to see where things will be headed.

All in all, it was a pretty good show.


Dreamy. That’s the word. Phenomenal, maybe, also.

There wasn’t a single piece we didn’t immediately fall in love with.

The collection was like nothing we’ve seen before: there was something romantic and French about it but something so edgy and fierce at the same time that we were completely caught off guard.


Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017
Alice + Olivia

En passant, we saw the girls presenting Ralph backstage, with their fabulous hair curlers and undone faces, and they still sparkled with excitement to be presenting the collection. So NYC!


Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017
Michael Kors

Michael be Michael: leather, glam, fur, luxury – his woman, the epitome of strength, sexuality, lavish life and sassiness was agent the focus of amazement.

We’ve always adored Michael’s woman: she is everything a real woman should be… and she knows where she’s headed – to a yacht party, of course – and after she has closed a million-dollar deal and tucked her kids and husband into bed, safe and sound. Can we come?

Oh, and – what about Ashley Graham and her powerful strut? We loved it.


The phenomenal diversity of makeup trends was every bit of exciting: we couldn’t really decide between a dark, goth lip with naked lips and a cat eye juxtaposed with a nude pout.

Lashes went colorful and so did lids… cheeks were blushed and bronzed, but they were pale, too.

In essence, if we were to foresee what’s coming next in the world of makeup, we’d definitely fail. Let’s just all wait and see, shall we? But hey, by the looks of it – it’s going to be exciting!

Beauty Looks That We All Loved From NYFW Fall 2017

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