Ladies, We Found The Answer To Our Lingerie Prayers: GIAPENTA

These days you can find high-performance tech gym apparel or even bed sheets, just about anywhere.

It’s not new anymore.

But honestly, why should it stop there?

Why can’t high-performance gear go beyond gym clothes and sheets?

We recently talked to GIAPENTA’s founder and CEO, Kris Strouthopoulos, to find out about her new line, that has taken the high performance fabric concept and has brought it to the first line of defense, lingerie.

Not only does GIAPENTA offer up sexy, luxury, lingerie but it also offers a jam-packed technology that allows their pieces to adjust to your body temperature.

With that said, check out our conversation below to find out more about the new line luxury lingerie line that needs to be in every woman’s closet:

I saw that prior to starting GIAPENTA, which focuses on lingerie and loungewear, you had background in retail sales and leadership at the likes of Sterling Jewelers and Sleep Number. What made you want to go into lingerie?

Working in luxury bedding for years afforded me the opportunity to work with the highest quality and most innovative fabrics on the market.

What stood out most was a material that proactively regulated body temperature.

My clients could not get enough of this fabric, especially women. I thought if they were getting such an amazing benefit from this material all night long, why not get the same benefit during the day from their intimates; pieces worn closet to the body?

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature

So after researching the market and finding this a white space, we started there and went to work creating GIAPENTA.

Also I am not a traditionally trained designer, which I think has been a huge competitive advantage for our brand. By continuing to ask questions and push the limits in the design process, we were able to come away with an innovative collection that can truly help women in their day to day lives.

I believe everything happens for a reason and coming from upper management and the business world, all my experience in my previous careers have really helped to prepared me for starting my own company.

Could you explain what TempPro™ technology does and why it’s so key to your line?

Our exclusive TempPro™ Technology fabric is found throughout the collection and proactively regulates body temperature using Phase Change Materials.

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature

The fabric actually pulls heat away from the body as you start to gets warm, stores the excess heat, and then releases it back as needed if you start to get cold. This process always keeps your body temperature perfectly balanced.

The feedback from our clients has been incredible and the collection is truly a game changer in the lingerie industry!

Is the TempPro™ fabric harder to work with that you expected, in order to keep the sexiness and overall aesthetic appeal women would be looking for?

It was a process that took over a year of development to get the fabrics just right for lingerie.

We learned so much through that process and could not be happier with the results.

Even though there are so many innovative and technical features woven throughout the collection, the final look and feel is still just as intimate and sexy as one would expect from a high end lingerie label.

What can we expect the prices points to be with GIAPENTA?

Our price points for the luxury line start at a competitive $78 for bras, $30 for bottoms and $168 for bodysuits, and increase from there.

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature

Even with all the technology and smart design solutions included in each piece of the collection, it was important to us to stay competitive on pricing for our clients.

Selling direct to our customers through our website also helps deliver on that mission.

Why compete in a market that’s already so saturated? What makes GIAPENTA the new coveted line?

We saw a need to create something better not only for the women who voiced a demand for smarter fabrics, but for all the women we knew we could help with innovative materials and design solutions. This is what ultimately led to GIAPENTA.

And we are so excited to bring innovation and technology to a marketplace where we saw an opportunity and a white space, that we feel will truly help women stay more comfortable and confident throughout their days.

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature

With such a jam-packed technology, do you have plans to venture out of lingerie/loungewear and expand the GIAPENTA line?

We are focused on our core line of intimates at the moment.

We are in the works of expanding our size range and color offerings as well as growing GIAPENTA’s client base to be able to enhance more women’s lives with the collection.

It’s also part of our design process to continuously talk with women from all walks of life to get their feedback on how to improve their intimates.

From those conversations we found that women would love to see the addition of GIAPENTA bralettes and eventually sleepwear options. That being said we have plans that are already in the works on how we can innovate the bralette category, as well as expanding some of our most popular sets, again based on our clients requests and amazing feedback!

What are some of your favorite pieces so far?

Personally, I love the London X Back for its amazing all day comfort and support.

The Kavala Multiway is my travel essential for summer, and the super soft Wynwoood bodysuits have really taken over my closet! They have also quickly become IG famous thanks to some of our favorite blogger and influencers who fell in love with these gorgeous bodysuits as well!

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature

How can buyers find the GIAPENTA line? Are you solely online or can we find GIAPENTA in retail stores?

For all things GIAPENTA you can visit our site at!

You will also soon be able to find the collection in select online and retail luxury boutiques across the U.S. as well as on Amazon.

When can buyers officially shop GIAPENTA?

Our website has officially launched as of June 14, 2017! So you can shop right now at GIAPENTA.

From there GIAPENTA will be stocked in luxury boutiques beginning this summer.

Luxury Lingerie GIAPENTA Adjusts To Your Body Temperature



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