What Marie Claire’s Fashion Editor Nina Garcia Actually Wears

The Creative Director of Marie Claire, Nina Garcia, is known to wear a lot of hats. One minute she’s filming an episode of Project Runway and the next minute she’s dropping her children off to school. But what’s kind of amazing is that she can put together looks that are appropriate for all scenarios.

So what’s her secret?

Marie Claire says she stocks up on “a few perfect basics” and then adding a few cool items to elevate the outfit.

Check out more of her tips to look instantly chic:

1. Add a Statement Leather Jacket

Garcia says:

“I’m obsessed with this! The edgy studs and rock ‘n’ roll pins make it feel special.”

When looking for that perfect leather jacket, look for one with embellishments. And if you can’t, personalize it with pins and patches.

Garcia also loves draping her jacket over-the-shoulder like a cape, it just looks effortless.

What Marie Claire's Fashion Editor Nina Garcia Actually Wears

2. Less Is More

YASSSSS! It really is.

Garcia and some of the best dressed women in fashion often arrive to events with nothing more but their invitation and cellphone.

So what does this mean?

Edit down your life. Only carry what can fit in a mini bag.

What Marie Claire's Fashion Editor Nina Garcia Actually Wears

3. Add A Super Chic Everyday Boot To Your Wardrobe

While yes, Garcia can totally tackle her day in 5 inch heels, sometimes it’s just better to run around in appointments with a super cute but comfortable boot.

What Marie Claire's Fashion Editor Nina Garcia Actually Wears



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