Could it be? Has Melania Trump found her first lady fashion sweet spot?

As her look comes full circle, it’s now more apparent that the first lady has started shifting away from super-luxurious items.

For example, on Tuesday, Trump opted for a $450 green Cefinn dress to meet the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team and visit an opioid clinic in West Virginia.

Melania Trump Has Finally Found Her Fashion Sweet Spot

Note: Cefinn was created by Samantha Cameron — wife of former British prime minister David Cameron.

So the Cefinn dress retailed for $450, the Balmain shirt she wore while gardening retailed for $1,380, and that controversial pink dress Trump wore to give a United Nations speech was $3,000.

And I know what you’re thinking.

YES, all these outfits are still on the pricey side, but they are still pretty comparable to some of the more expensive dresses Michelle Obama wore while she acted as first lady.

But let’s be clear, I’m not saying Trump is now trying to replicate Obama’s style – who was known for her more accessible fashion choices (J.Crew and Target)

It is however safe to say that Trump’s decision to opt for the Cefinn dress is considered a drastic change from the $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana coat that she chose to wear back in May during the Group of 7 summit meeting in Sicily.

Melania Trump Greets G7 Spouses In A $51,500 Jacket

So while Trump has been spotted in a few outfits from J. Crew, her most expensive looks are still considered out of reach for most of the US. And of course, that makes sense.


Because Trump and her husband are more known for the luxurious lifestyle.

And it’s probably safe to say that Trump supporters wouldn’t want nor would they expect the new first lady to wear clothes from Target.

They expect Trump to be more stylish and glamorous than the average American.

And while Trump will most likely stick to her luxurious roots, she has becoming more telling with her fashion choices because she knows people are watching.


When she chose to wear the Cefinn dress, this was clearly political move. She also killed two birds with one stone and used this political move pay her respects to another political spouse.

Remember in the note above, when we said that Cefinn was created by Samantha Cameron — wife of former British prime minister David Cameron?

Well, Cameron hasn’t had the nicest of things to say about President Trump.

So Trump’s fashion choice can be seen as a soft gesture to smooth over past.

Oh, and remember Trump’s “hurricane uniform”?

Melania Trump Has Finally Found Her Fashion Sweet Spot

Well, she definitely noted that people were watching her every move and responded accordingly.

Trump was seen wearing stilettos, but then decided to change into a more practical outfit on the plane, it was her way of letting her critics know that they were heard loud and clear.

So has Melania Trump found her fashion sweet spot as the new first lady?

What do you think?



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