Taco Bell Wants To Sell Clothes With Your Chalupa

Taco Bell Wants To Sell Clothes With Your Chalupa

On Tuesday, Taco Bell took over the fashion district in Los Angeles.


I’m talking about the very same Taco Bell that serves those amazing double-decker taco supremes.

That Taco Bell just held a full-on runway show, which included models who strutted down the catwalk in hot sauce bodysuits and purple anoraks.

OH and you guessed it, guests did in fact eat tacos.

And now you’re probably asking, “why?”, right?

The reason for the show was put on to promote Taco Bell’s new fashion collaboration with Forever 21, which hits stores Wednesday.

If you haven’t noticed, quirky moves are pretty much a part of the fast-food chain’s signature.

Taco Bell is known for it’s odd marketing which allows them to stay on top of pop culture.

I mean who else do you know that would host a wedding at its Las Vegas flagship restaurant?

And if you think this is at all a gimmick, executives insist that the new clothing line is legit.

The collaboration is however a one-off but they hope the styles are taken seriously.

Taco Bell has already been active in sports, music, and gaming, so why not fashion, too?

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 Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer of Taco Bell expects the limited-edition merchandise to sell out quickly and notes:

“We really took pains to make this a legitimate collection that is relevant and fun and modern.”


The Taco Bell x Forever 21 collection will be going global.

Taco Bell merchandise will be sold in some countries where there aren’t even any Taco Bell locations—yet.


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