The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

Summer is all about wearing bold prints and color. It’s a season where you can finally ditch the those dark and boring colors and opt for something that screams a brighter you.

We recently spoke to the founder of The Way U, Lillian Garcia, to talk about the amazing bags her line has to offer and the cause behind the brand.

Check out our conversation on how to style these beautiful pieces and why The Way U should be a part of your summer wardrobe:

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

The Way U has an amazing cause behind it. Can you tell us more about it?

Sure, at The Way U we work closely with the Wayuu women not only to create and encourage their beautiful craftsmanship, but also to give back.

We work with these women on an annual basis to give 10% of the profits back into their communities to sustain their culture.

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

How are proceeds used to help the women of the Wayuu tribe?

The proceeds of each sale directly impact the women in so many ways.

The Wayuu women make most of their household income and their money is put towards:

  • supporting their families
  • sending their children to college in major cities across Colombia
  • buying books for local schools
  • and supporting their communities with access to clean drinking water.

What inspires the textures, the colors and the patterns behind each one of your collections?

Our inspiration is primarily drawn by nature.

We use a lot of typical Wayuu patterns which are derived from their natural surroundings.

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

Also, whenever we design a style that is more fashion focused, we draw our inspiration from tropical scenery such as flowers and palm leaves.

To-date, what is your favorite The Way U piece?

That’s a tough one!

Each have been so special. There is just so much life, time and love goes into each one.

The Flora clutch however might be a favorite since it was the first one we designed. It was cool to work with the women to take some steps outside their comfort zone when it comes to design.

Also the Blanc Mochila. Once I saw this, it inspired an entire line of solid colored mochilas that we custom design every season.

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

How do you style your The Way U bag into an outfit?

Glad you asked!

Prints can be intimidating, but I find styling the bags extremely easy.

Of course you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans or neutral ensemble.

But my favorite is to pair them with a feminine summer dress that has a small delicate print, I’ve always loved to mix prints, sometimes more is more!

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

Where can The Way U products be found? 

The Way U products can currently be found on our website and some other retailers include:

The Must Have Summer Bag That Gives Back

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