Don’t Sweat It: Why Gym Clothes Don’t Matter

Don’t Sweat It: Why Gym Clothes Don’t Matter

Raise your hand if the following scenarios apply to you…

You sit in front of the mirror for hours debating what to wear.

You’ve rush-ordered your dry cleaning for a wedding.

Splurging on a tailored suit is a normal occurrence.

Haircuts are more than just a tune-up.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, pat yourself on the back, because you’ve officially achieved dapper status.

But what about making an impression at the gym? Should we spend time sweating about the clothes we sweat in? Are there rules for being dapper while dabbing the sweat off our foreheads?

The overarching answer is no. While some disagree, the gym should be a place to shut the mind off and turn the body on overdrive. That means you can skip those $50 dry-fit T’s, and go with that Dave Matthews Band shirt and college shorts you got your freshman year.

Need training? Here’s what we mean:

Nike dry-fit dirty? That’s fine, any of those old volunteer shirts you’ve accumulated over the years will do.


Looking to add some flair? Take scissors to the sleeves, and make it a tank.Men's cut-off Shirt

If you have college shorts, wear them. They actually work as a great conversation starter. You’ll be surprised who you run into.

Those old striped socks work great; you’ll look vintage AF.

striped socks

Any sneaker will do, just don’t be that guy wearing sandals at the gym. That’s how you break your foot.

Sandals at the gym

If you’re adamant about wearing something with a brand name, just remember these two beautiful names; Marshall and T.J. You don’t need to splurge on the clothes you’re getting sweaty in. There’s a reason we shower after workouts, people.

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