Are You Tired, Like ALL The Time? Here’s Why:

Are You Tired, Like ALL The Time? Here's Why:

Are You Sleeping Enough?

They say most people require 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

But it’s also important that while quantity is important, so is quality.

So, set a regular bedtime and STICK TO IT.

Also, to make sure you’re getting quality hours of sleep, create the perfect sleeping situation and also make sure to put your phone on “do not disturb.”

Your Diet

Are you getting enough protein, healthy fats and fiber?

It’s super important to get a mix of proteins, like lean meats, healthy fats, like avocados and carbs, such as veggies and whole grains.

Your Activity

In all seriousness, have you ever noticed that right have a workout, you’re just ready to conquer the world?

If you notice that you’re low on energy, instead of giving in and being a totally sack of sh*t, get up and try to get some kind of workout in. Even if simply going for a walk.


Are you feeling thirty?

This is such an obvious sign of dehydration and even the slightest hint can lead to fatigue.

The fix?

Drink up!

And this is especially key when working out. It’s recommend that you drink just about 17 ounces of fluid at least 2 hours before working out.

And during your exercise, it’s recommended that you start drinking fluids early in your workout as well as drinking regularly throughout your session.

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Are Your Allergies Killing You?

Did you know allergies cause inflammation to the body?

Which then leads to lack of sleep.

Ever notice yourself waking up at odd hours because of itchy eyes or stuffed nose?

Yeah no fun.

The fix, stay on top of your allergy medications and opt to take an over-the-counter med right before exposure happens.

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