How To Avoid Being That Culturally Appropriating Jerk On Halloween

How To Avoid Being That Culturally Appropriating Jerk On Halloween

It’s October. So what does that mean?

It means that it’s officially the month where spooky ghosts and cultural appropriation in the name of “harmless fun” become a thing.


And for those who are ready to post your fighting arguments below, let’s get one thing straight, if you decide to be the jerk that dresses up as a culture that’s either currently being oppressed or has been oppressed in the past, you’re just being flat out offensive.


So it honestly doesn’t matter if Pocahontas was your favorite Disney character or you thought that African woman was truly beautiful.


Because unless you explicitly belong to that culture—then you, as a member of an inherently privileged and historically oppressive group, are in the WRONG, my friend.

And believe me, I get it. Where is the line?

There isn’t. There honestly really isn’t a super-clear line that exists for Halloween costumes. There just isn’t.

And we all know that there will always be someone who is ignorant, and there will always someone who finds a way to be offended.

But all you can really do is try you best to avoid being that culture appropriating jerk.

Here’s how:

1. DO NOT change your skin color.

Whatever you do, DO NOT, alter your skin color to match someone else’s skin. Ever.

2. If you can’t explain the history, don’t wear it.

If your costume stems from someone else’s heritage or culture, then please do yourself a favor and learn the history behind it and most of all,  make sure it’s totally appropriate.

3. DO NOT dress up as a culture/heritage that is not your own.

If you’re not Native American, then please DO NOT wear feathers or a headdress which makes you look like such.

If you’re not Mexican honoring your deceased relatives during Día de los Muertos, then you probably should’t paint your face like a sugar skull.

Oh and if you’re not actually a Buddhist monk, then don’t dress up like one either.

Make sense?


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