Lauren B Jewelry On Everything You Need To Know: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends & Price Points

Lauren B Jewelry On Everything You Need To Know: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends & Price Points

With over 342k followers on Instagram (follow here), Lauren B Jewelry and Diamonds has become one of the most sought after jewelers in the NYC jewelry industry.

Since 1978, the Behar family, who owns and runs Lauren B Jewelry and Diamonds, has continued the family tradition of providing exceptionally beautiful jewelry while also providing exceptional customer service.

With that, Lauren B Jewelry and Diamonds has become one of the most respected in the industry.

Checkout our latest conversation with Sara Behar of Lauren B Jewelry and Diamonds, where we talked about the latest trends and realistic budgets for people on the market for an engagement ring:

What is the trending style for engagement rings for 2017?

Cushion and oval cut diamond in a halo or on a thin micropave band setting.

With that, we’re seeing colored metal rings featuring a combination of white gold and rose gold or white gold and yellow gold.

Lauren B Jewelry On Everything You Need To Know: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends & Price Points

Also, we are becoming the go-to place for people shopping for a moissanite center-stone with a beautiful custom setting design.

When it comes to cut, color, clarity, and carat, which would say is the MOST important?

Cut however we feel there should be a balance all of those factors.

By cut, we mean how the diamond actually appears in person- the faceting, shape, brilliance- and not necessarily what is marked on the grading report as those can be very deceptive at times.

The general rule when it comes to how much should be spent on engagement use to be three months salary. (Not too sure who made up that rule, but everyone keeps saying it!) Do people generally follow this rule?

Not really!

People aren’t specifically going by the salary rule anymore, but it can sometimes happen coincidentally that that’s what they end up spending.

Most people are sitting down and saying:

“What can I feasibly spend?”

or “What do I personally feel is the appropriate amount to spend on something like this?”

How much are people spending on engagement rings these days?

About $6,000 across the U.S. and around $10,000 in bigger cities.

It really is such a wide range, so it’s hard to give an average that would be accurate.

We also have something for everyone.

How long does it typically take to get a custom Lauren B engagement ring completed?

Usually around 4 weeks depending on the design and time of year.

There are clients who do wait until the last minute and we are able to assist them with rush orders as well to make it in time for that special day.

What are some of  your favorite engagement rings styles currently?

Three stone rings are making a big comeback. They are a very classic and elegant look that remain timeless.

Does Lauren B see a lot of couples coming in together to pick out their engagement ring?


We see majority of couples coming in together. This way all parties are considered and everyone gets exactly what they want.

This is a somewhat new phenomenon and we expect this trend to continue for many years to come.

Couples make a day out of it and really enjoy the shopping experience we provide.

We allow them to customize each aspect of a ring to make theirs truly special and unique.

Who wants a bad surprise anyway?!


What’s the one thing that you’ve seen a lot of in the past year when it comes to engagement rings and engagement ring shopping, that you never thought you’d see?

More and more people are willing to purchase online without being in the actual store.

What separates us from the website only retailers, is we provide one-on-one customer service every step of the way; from selecting the center diamond via HD quality videos, guiding them in the design process and of course ensuring easy delivery of the finished product.

When it comes to selecting and purchasing an engagement ring, what would you recommend to someone who is on a conservative budget?

An elongated center diamond such as pear, oval, or marquise cut with a halo around the top surface.

The elongated diamond shape takes up a nice amount of real estate on the finger and paired with a halo you have a beautiful sparkly ring that looks large and impressive.

Lauren B Jewelry On Everything You Need To Know: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends & Price Points
Moissanite Ring

Another increasingly popular option is a moissanite engagement ring (mentioned above) – these are lab grown diamond alternatives that come at a fraction of the price but are equally as appealing aesthetically.

And what would you recommend to someone who can or is willing to spend a little more? 

Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket…

meaning spread your budget out across the various diamond quality and size factors.

Having a well balanced diamond with an impressive face up appearance is what we try to stress to our clients and they really do see the difference in the finished product.

For anyone who wants to create their engagement ring with Lauren B, do you take walk-ins? Or do you go by appointment only?

We do take walk ins during the week and on a case by case basis on Sundays.

We are booked very far in advance for Sunday appointments and during the week as well.

It is in your best interest to set an appointment so that we can prepare in advance for you and make sure there is a set time dedicated just for you.


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Lauren B Jewelry On Everything You Need To Know: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends & Price Points

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