Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Some people really don’t care for the idea of taking photos of food, but it certainly grew on me after a while.

I can thank New York City for this, the home to some of the most awe-inspiring and tastiest food in the world.

Here, photogenic dishes and drinks indulge more than one sense and catch the imagination of the eager Instagram audience.

Here are some brightly-lit and well-designed eateries that is sure to give you mouth-watering bliss and striking photography:

Ice creams from Ice and Vice

As an ice cream aficionado, I could not leave this one out from the list.

The Ice and Vice has taken the craft of making sundaes to the next level and the shaved ice one is perhaps my favorite.

Also, there was zero chance that I was going to miss an opportunity to try out unusual flavors.

But for the sake of Instagram, I nominate the ice cream sandwiches that look absolutely gorgeous. All those fine layers and vivid colors make for some attention-arresting images.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Warm Mocha Martini

Brought to you by one of the top-notch NYC catering companies, Warm Mocha Martini is sure to grab the attention of the Instagram crowd.

Served in a Martini glass, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

It comes to life via the art of high-end mixology, a hot trend of combining food and drinks.

All you need to witness the magic is a bit of coffee liqueur, vanilla vodka, chocolate, and cream.

The formula is: shake, strain, and drizzle with a chocolate syrup.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Sugar Factory Goblets

Cocktails are simply made to be captured for Instagram.

And it doesn’t get much better than 60-ounce liquid behemoths from Sugar Factory.

Although some would say that the place is a bit touristy, all is forgiven when you are served a refreshing drink in a giant goblet.

With dry ice steaming out of it, you are guaranteed a well-liked photo and another grown-up sugar overload. After finishing it, it is easy to overlook the costliness as well.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Café Clover’s Seed Crackers

Next, it is time for something simple, yet mind-blowing.

Addictive and good-looking, seed crackers in Café Clover are made from a whole bunch of wholesome seeds.

On the side, you also get a squash and tahini spread spiked with lemon, which makes the spectacle complete.

There goes your guilt-free bread alternative and the next Instagram post. Oh, and it also helps that the interior is beyond chic and compliments the food on the table.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Black Tap Milkshakes

Milkshakes from Black Tap have rightfully earned the title of one of the most photographed eats on Instagram.

A mesmerizing display from top to bottom, these extremely decadent eye-candies are teeming with color and texture.

They are the result of meticulous work and loads of creativity: see the process for yourself here.

So, if you are up for a major sugar infusion and some Instagram-worthy photography, Black Tap is the place to be.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

Pizzas from the Beach

It is hard to imagine a list of delicious NYC treats without the good ole pizza.

At one spot in the Lower East Side, the Pizza Beach, it is always summer: The brightly-colored ambience echoes the beachside vibe and attracts the Instagram-obsessed flock all year round.

My recommendation, for those who can handle it, is the Spiciest Margarita made with jalapeño-infused tequila and fresh ginger.

Feel free to order a fruity drink with that and put out the fire in the mouth.

Most Instagram-Worthy Food and Drink in NYC

The apple of your eye

Nowadays, food preparation has evolved to the point that it resembles art more than anything else.

The Big Apple is the place where you can find a plenty of proof for this, so you might as well join the Instagram gang of food lovers.

There is no shortage of creations that look as amazing as they taste and this list covers only a tiny portion of all the possibilities.

So, I hope you have nice walking shoes and a big appetite because you are in for a great treasure-hunting adventure.

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