Chanel Opens Members-Only Club In New York City

In Chanel’s latest venture, the luxury line decided to open up a club.

Yes, a club.

The Coco Club officially opened in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and was opened to its new members-only.

The club consists of five floors and sits on Mercer Street.


And if you’re looking for any Chanel signage guiding you to the location, you won’t find any. Instead, you’ll find a large doorman dressed in all black.

So, once you’ve been checked off the list, you’ll be instructed to pick up your gold membership card and get this… you’ll have the opportunity to take your official Chanel portrait taken for identification purposes. AHH!!! 🙂

After that’s done, you’re free to explore the space!

And as you can imagine, those coveted interlocking Cs are EVERYWHERE!

There’s even a Chanel-branded poker, pool and ping-pong tables.

Oh how could we forget the artisanal cocktails (with Chanel stirrers!) and unlimited bar snacks? This part of the club is intended to evoke an old school men’s club vibe.

But as you can expect, the pink decor throughout the space and the beauty touch-up room are not.

The Coco Club also features a fashion book library and other rooms filled with tons of surprises.

P.S. if you want to take a peak for yourself, the secret code is CocoClub. 🙂



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