Obsessed With Lauren Conrad? Well Get Excited Because She Just Released An Affordable Beach Collection

If you’re obsessed with Lauren Conrad, she has big news!

No, she hasn’t had her baby just yet but she did just release a very new and AFFORDABLE beachwear line via Kohl’s.

Conrad announced her newest collection on Instagram while also showing off her super cute baby bump.

Obsessed With Lauren Conrad? Well She Just Released An Affordable Beach Collection


Conrad told Yahoo! Style:

“The overall vibe is tropical. We did some very fun colors, like hunter green and paprika, and then some really pretty peaches-and-cream.”

She also went on to say:

“You know, it’s so different. It’s really a personal preference.”

And pregnancy doesn’t stop the designer from sporting two pieces. In fact, she told Yahoo! Style:

“For me, I just had to size up. So I still wear bikinis. I still wear the same styles as I did before, I just go for a bikini bottom and a bandeau. It is the easiest for me. …But some people want to wear a one-piece, they want to be a bit more modest. I think it just depends how comfortable you are showing off a different shape.”

So with that, Lauren has included various different styles to fit everyone’s taste and comfort level.

Obsessed With Lauren Conrad? Well She Just Released An Affordable Beach Collection
Source: Instagram @laurenconrad

The collection is out now and includes 27 different pieces which feature an array of colors and patterns.

The price range on these babies?

You can expect to see price tags ranging anywhere from $34 to $68. 🙂

The collection also includes:

  • dresses
  • sandals
  • accessories

“I’m so excited to see what people respond to, because I really like everything in there, but I’m really excited to get into some of the bikinis at this point.”



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