The Chunky Dad Sneaker Is In: The Balenciaga Triple S

The Trending Shoe At Paris Fashion Week SS18: The Balenciaga Triple S

The chunky sneaker trend totally dominated the streets of Paris during the latest women’s fashion week, but it was the Balenciaga Triple S that stuck out the most.

The shoes are nothing but chunky, bulky, ugly and overdone. But guess what? It’s the new dad sneaker and right now, it’s one of the hottest shoes in the game.

The Italian-made Triple S currently retails for $745. And while ugly sneakers have been trending all year, it’s the “Triple S” sneakers take that concept to the extreme.

The upper most part of the sneaker looks like a running sneaker that an older man would wear for maximum arch support, while the laces feel like they’re something you would find on a hiking boot.

The soles are also about two inches tall in the front and extend at least another inch towards the back.

Jake Woolf from GQ says:

“They don’t just look chunky in photos, either. If you’re a guy who already wears shoes on the bigger side, expect the “Triple S” sneakers to look like a pair of toy trucks on your feet.”



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