Trending Now: Concealer For Men

Fact: men suffer from acne just like women.

And like women, men sometimes would like to mask them from the world, if they can.

Luckily for women, makeup is a totally acceptable way for hiding those dreadful pimples.

For guys, not so much.

Until now.

There’s a new beauty product out for men and it’s called: THEY Hate Pimples.

Yep, that’s the name of the product.

We’re a little unsure why they didn’t just call it “He Hates Pimples” but…moving on.

The $15 zit concealer with tea tree oil (the tree oil helps fight pimples) is available in three shades:

  • Pale Ale
  • Medium Lager
  • and Amber Ale

All three ales are considered to be pretty fair, while the Pale Ale is closest to the color beige, the Medium Lager is a more pinkish tone and the Amber Ale is more yellowish.

Trending Now: Concealer For Men

So for now, guys with deeper skin tones, there isn’t a shade available to you just yet. 🙁

They Hate Pimples advises:

“Dab your finger into the tin and then just start putting it on the pimple until you can no longer see it. Don’t go too crazy. Play it cool, just like you do with the ladies.”

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