If you didn’t already know, Negin Mirsalehi is a fashion blogger based in Amsterdam and she’s been quite busy recently.

Mirsalehi just got back from NYFW and is already have on the road to London and Milian, you can keep up with her this month on her daily Youtube videos where she gets real and shows you a side of her you probably aren’t use to seeing.

In one of her latest videos, Negin shows us one of her favorite pieces for Fashion Week, a Chloé Faye Suede/Leather Wallet-on-a-Strap but modified!

Negin decided to take the iconic bag and turn it into a belt bag, aka a fanny pack (see above).

Chloe Faye Suede/Leather Wallet-on-a-Strap – Shop Now

Check out her latest Youtube where she talks details (she also reveals something that she’s never shared before):



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