7 Trending Hairstyles To Watch In 2018

If you’re tired of beachy waves, messy buns, and loose ponytails and are dying for your big old 80’s hair to come back in style, then 2018 may be the year for you (and your hair).

This year is bringing back some oldies – but goodies – and keeping things about as simple as they can be.

You might even get away with a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning with several of these fuss-free styles.

Natural Curls

Natural curls are back with a vengeance, so let your hair fly free. And, don’t even think about putting product in it!

This year, your curls are super desirable, but in their natural form.

That’s good news for keeping your hair healthy, and also for saving you time prepping your locks in the morning.

If you find that your curls are too unruly without some help, you can use an anti-frizz conditioner after washing your hair and opt only for conditioner a couple of times per week in lieu of shampoo.

Super-Tight Ponytails

Super-tight ponytails seem to be outperforming the loose, romantic ponytails we’ve seen in the past, at least in the celebrity department.

These slick ponytails can take a little more time to perfect, but they can also keep your hair in place, even during a long day at work or your morning gym routine.

If you’re going to be in a humid environment during the day, you might want to use a straightening shampoo in place of your regular one and use a deep conditioner once a week.

80’s Revival

Time to shine!

Women with a lot of volume no longer have to break out the straightening iron to calm their curls or flatten their hair, because big hair is on the rise once again.

The key to making this hairstyle work three decades later is to make it look effortless.

In other words, don’t break out your huge curlers or set an appointment for a perm.

Instead, use a volumizing shampoo and blow-dry your hair upside-down if you don’t have natural volume. A little spritz of a flexible hold hairspray should be enough to keep everything in place.

Loose, Flowing Braids

Braids never really go out of style, but the trends seem to change once in a while.

Last year, we saw a lot of tight side braids and braids that crossed over the crown of the head.

This year, the trend is a loose, flowing braid behind the head or laying on the side.

Romantic braids work for most hair types and occasions. They take only minutes to create and – good news! – they don’t have to look perfect. In fact, a few pieces coming out naturally here and there are what makes this braid look the way it does.

Opt for one braid with all your hair, or create a few scattered braids around your head, allowing them to flow through the rest of your wavy hair for a really romantic look. Wear it dressed up or down because this look is about as versatile as you can get.

Fringed Bobs

The fringed bob is a hairstyle that seems to continuously fall off the radar, only to come back in full-swing a short time later.

This cutesy cut is not only painless to style, but it also can be dressed up or left casual to work with just about any outfit or occasion.

A big bonus: this cut can even work on round or square-shaped faces just by tweaking the way you let your bangs lay.

Super Long and Wavy

Wavy hair has been a huge trend for several years now, but the trend for 2018 is to have the longest locks possible – with waves, of course.

While a bob may be moving up the charts, so is super long hair, so you may need to decide which length you love best.

Keep your waves unkempt rather than styled.

It shouldn’t look messy, but casual. Dress up your ‘do with a cute boho-style headband or flower crown for big occasions.

Pixie Cut

Just to give you another length option for 2018, check out the pixie cut, which is once again making the rounds in the hair world.

This ultra-short style can be tricky to make look right with all face shapes, but it can be done. You just have to create the right angles to let it compliment your shape.

Round faces, for example, tend to look best with a face-framing pixie with side bangs, while an oval face can go very short with long, side-swept bangs across the forehead.

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