9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

The human body is naturally subjected to aging. Like it or not, as people age, their body age alongside.

One of the most obvious ways of identifying an aged person firstly is probably through their physical appearance. How? Factors like the health of their skin, does it look drier or have more wrinkles than someone in their early twenties or thirties?

In relation to these changes, you begin to see creases, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin. The skin in the arm drops, the hand shrinks and the face hardens.

While these things are associated with aging, did you know that the progression of wrinkles can arise due to certain health and environmental factors?

If you are beginning to notice wrinkles on your skin, here are 9 essential tips you need to know to respond in a healthy manner:

1. Exposure

Stepping out might be something truly hard to ignore but it doesn’t mean you have to step out with protection. Did you know that sun exposure is one of the main causes of wrinkles?

Where you might notice the most wrinkles is on the face, back of the hands, arms as well as the neck.

And for those who find themselves in the car for a good chunk of their day, remember that you still need to protect yourself from UVA rays as they can still penetrate to damage the skin. Remember to wear sunglasses, wear SPF and even considering slightly tinting your car window.

2. Facial Expressions

Everyone has a facial expression peculiar to them. Most times, wrinkles that appear on the face develop as a result of a common facial expression. The wrinkles can be found around the lips region of the face or even the eye region.

9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

As weird as this sounds, if possible, try to reduce the way you express your feelings. While laugh lines might be hard to ignore (please keep laughing), a good way to get rid of those frown lines is to simply stop frowning so much. 🙂

Other common facial expressions include crow’s feet and forehead folds.

3. Permanence

Since wrinkles are formed as a result of certain changes in your body, they tend to become permanent and lasting.

Whether it is caused as a result of biological changes or social and environmental factor, they end up becoming increasingly static. So, when you experience pre-mature skin aging and you refuse to do anything about it, know it is going to last as long as you do.

9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

4. Addictions

If you are addicted to smoking or to a particular sleeping position like sleeping on your side, fine lines are inevitable.

Smokers end up having fine lines around their lips due to their lips posture while smoking.

And for those who like to sleep on their side, you may also notice the development of fine lines. As you age, the collagen in your face weakens so if you can, try sleeping on your back rather than your chest or side to help reduce the likelihood of wrinkles.

5. Sunscreen

One of the most obvious ways to protect yourself is through the use of sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen regularly. You stand less chance of being affected by environmental factors that cause wrinkles.

Ensure the sunscreen you use on your face is recommended by a skincare expert. Also, it should contain 30 or more protection properties.

6. Genetics

It is important you know that wrinkles have genetic features.

According to Alex A. Khadavi, a Los-Angeles based dermatologist, the possibility of developing wrinkles, the onset and depth and extent of the line is often based on a person’s genetic properties. You can pretty much get a good idea of your genetic factors by taking a look at your parents.

7. Nutrition

Your nutrition to a large extent can help avert wrinkles.

When you eat more of vegetables, berries, spinach and other fruits and veggies with high antioxidant, your internal system will be able to defend your body against external damages. Eat fruits with more liquid content. It will keep you hydrated and active.

The healthier you are, the lesser you see fine lines.

8. Anti-wrinkle creams

When you complain about wrinkles to your friends or when they notice a change in your physical looks, they begin to point out things you can do to regain your skin. They may end up telling you about OTC drugs, creams that worked for a friend or even take you to an unverifiable skin care practitioner where you end up wasting your time and resources.

While there are different top-rated anti-wrinkles creams, it is important to go for one that would work effectively without causing complications. While testimonies from users are good ways of verifying the authenticity of a product, it is best to look out for the result of the clinical research carried out on the product.

9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

One product that has gained its authenticity through clinical research is Stemuderm. With the inclusion of anti-aging properties like peptides, muscle contraction can be inhibited thereby making the body retain its firmness. While moisturizers are important to keep your skin soft and plump, Stemuderm properties also include an advanced blend of moisturizers to sort irregularities.

9. Get yourself a dermatologist

The skin is a very sensitive part of the body that must be treated with the utmost care.

Having a dermatologist will help you to know how to go about an effective skincare routine. Especially if you previously have health conditions, do not make use of anything without contacting your dermatologist.

However, ensure you sign up with a government approved dermatologist. Make your research carefully. Things are safer with validated dermatologists.

Final Verdict

When you notice fine lines on your skin, don’t freak out. While a fast action is necessary, freaking out isn’t totally necessary and can honestly affect your decisions at that time.

Try to be calm and look around your daily routine and your family history to know the cause of the fine lines. Knowing the cause will aid in an effective treatment and be sure to consult with a certified dermatologist.

9 Essential Tips You Need to Know About Wrinkles

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