8 Things You Should Do After You Publish An Article

8 Things You Should Do After You Publish An Article

1. Pin Your Post Image onto Pinterest

Once you’ve inserted all your images (which includes alt text descriptions) into your post, you’re now ready to pin them onto Pinterest.

To make sure your pins make sense and relevant, it’s recommended that you either create a Pinterest board specifically for your blog OR you create boards based on topic. You decide what you think is best.

2. Schedule Your Pin Relevant Pinterest Group Boards 

If you’re a part of Pinterest group boards that happen to be relevant to the topic of your article, you’ll want to share your pin to these boards as well.

You can share your post manually or you can use a scheduling program like Board Booster, to schedule your pin to your group boards.

3. Share Your Post on Facebook and Twitter

You can manually share your post or you can schedule them.

P.s. Tweets with images tend to perform better, so adding images to tweets are definitely recommended.

4. Schedule Your Post for Twitter 

The reason you’ll want to schedule your post again for Twitter is because, Twitter feeds tend to move very quickly, making it really easy to viewers to miss a specific tweet, especially if you’re in a different time zone.

With that in mind, we recommend sharing your post to Twitter several times over the next few days.

5. Facebook/Instagram Live About Your Blog Post Topic

Both Facebook and Instagram Live have quickly started to trend.

If you’re not familiar with either, both services allow you to record yourself speaking live while your audience can ask you questions in real time. Not only are these services fun but they’re an easy way to connect with your audience while bringing some necessary hype to your new post.

6. Respond To Comments

This should go without saying but if your post receives any comments, you should always make an effort to respond to them, especially if people have questions or are extra thoughtful.

Not only do responding to comments allow you to build a stronger readership but it also builds engagement and value.

7. Check Your Posts Engagement Level

You should always have an idea of how your post is doing, especially in comparison to others.

Statistics can be very telling, as it shows how much engagement they received.

Being able to tell what your readers like and don’t like the most allows you to build a  fabulous editorial calendar as well as increase your pageviews, engagement and of course, profits.

8. Repin Your Post onto Pinterest

This is called “looping.”

This should become a form of habit, the practice of repinning your old pins.

This is especially key if your content tends to be evergreen. This allows your work to constantly be in rotation, therefore giving your content new life every once in a while.

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9 Things You Should Do Before You Publish An Article

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