9 Things You Should Do Before You Publish An Article

1. Write An Effective Post Title

Your post title is one of the most important parts of your blog post, especially when it comes to the marketing aspect of things.

If your post title is weak but your content is great, it’s less likely that anyone will actually get the chance to read your material.

Post titles need to be persuasive and telling. To really create an effective post title, you’ll need:

  • keywords or phrases
  • something that encourages your reader to click through

Keywords allow your post to become SEO friendly, therefore, allowing more and more people to find your post.

Poor post title example: “Things I’ve Learned About Blogging”

Good post title example: “Advice for New Bloggers Who Want to Grow Their Blog.”

So, why is the second example better?

That’s because it targets a specific group (new bloggers).

It also includes keywords such as “advice” and “new bloggers” as well as “grow” and “blog”. These are all words that someone would search when trying to find your post.


So, the best piece of advice we could offer you when it comes to keywords is to think about what someone would type in their search bar in order to find your article.

2. Divide Up Text Into Smaller Sections

The goal here is to make things as easy as possible for your reader to read and digest.

When someone sees a huge block of text on your blog, it might cause the person to leave.

Try to include no more than 5-6 lines of text in your paragraphs.

It also helps to divide up sections with larger headlines.

And it’s also important to keep in in mind that people tend to scan articles, rather than read the entire thing. So, if you fail to break down large blocks of text, you’re essentially making it harder for a person to read your post.

3. Deep Link to Past Posts

Make it a habit to link back to previous articles you’ve written that relate to your new post.

Not only does this allow your reader to gain more information about the topic but also helps with keeping people on your site longer.

4. Encourage Engagement. Ask a Question.

To encourage a user to write a comment, ask a question.

The reason being is that most people often need a little nudge or “call to action” to…well…take action.

5. Use On-Brand And SEO Friendly Images

What this means is that the images you use should be on brand with your blog.

So, all your images should be fitting to your:

  • blog’s theme
  • personality
  • audience

Also, try keeping fonts, colors and overall design consistent.

Your images should also be SEO friendly.

That just means that you have changed the image name to something that includes a keyword that is fitting to your post.


Orginal Image Name: “IMG_4534.jpg,”

New Image Name: “New_Blogger_Tips.jpg.”

6. Add “Alt Text” to Your Images

The reason for this because most WordPress themes automatically pick up the alt-tag as the “description” when someone pins an image from your site.

With that, descriptions are super powerful on Pinterest, especially when you add keywords, persuasive text, and a call to action.

7. Add a Featured Image

Not only are featured images important to keep your reader on site, but it’s also important for when trying to use social media platforms such as:

  • Bloglovin’
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

8. SEO Your Post

This should go without saying.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must and should not be ignored.

Optimizing your post for search is important because this allows your post to be found on search platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, therefore, growing your audience.

It also increases your earnings potential.

9. Proofread

This is another one that should go without saying but it’s SO important!

When a reader finds grammatical mistakes or typos, this can totally discredit your platform and your authority in the space.

For quick grammar edits, check out the Grammarly Chrome extension.

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8 Things You Should Do After You Publish An Article

9 Things You Should Do Before You Publish An Article

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