Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Jumping Right Into Paid Advertising

You may have found a great affiliate product/link you want to promote and naturally, you may think that spending money to promote your product is the way to go.

After all, getting traffic sent to your link or post sounds like the exact thing you would want to do.


However, if you’re not smart about your ROAS, you could ultimately lose money.

Initially, it’s best to start with free traffic methods, such as social media.

You can share your affiliate links via:







It’s also key to create great content around your affiliate links so that people click through and purchase on what you’re recommending.

High Dependency On Copy And Paste Content

Affiliate marketers sometimes tend to get caught up in copying and pasting content.

More specifically, they tend to directly use the copy provided by the product creator.


Because it’s easy.

Your content should be authentic and should share your own experiences or thoughts about the product.

If the reader wanted those generic details, they should click through to get that information. Their first encounter with the product you are trying to promote should be authentic.

With that, it’s important to keep in mind that you should provide details a reader typically won’t find on the product sales page!

Focusing Too Much On Current Trends

Trying to stay on trend is important but it’s not the best way to promote affiliate content.


Once the subject dies, so does your earnings potential.

So it’s important to focus on evergreen content when it comes to affiliate work, that way your content and earning potential can live on.

Promoting Every Product That Comes Your Way

One of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes you can make is promoting any and every product that comes your way.

The best advice we can give you is to only recommend and promote products/services you’ve personally tried and actually recommend to retain authenticity and trust.

When your audience learns to trust your reviews, your conversion rates are likely to increase.

Misleading Your Audience

Misleading your audience can really ruin your reputation and therefore lowering your income potential.

Create content that your readers can trust. Trust is key to conversions.

Failing To Build A List

Building a list is super important and my affiliate marketers fail to do this.

Building a loyal list of readers/buyers increases the potential of your income.

Failing to take this step is essentially leaving any money on the table.

Failing To Make The Connection With Promotions & Noteworthy News

This is where creating a happy balance between trending topics and evergreen content is key.

If you can relate your affiliate promotions to things going on in the world, your likelihood of converting a customer, increases.

For example, if you’re promoting a bag, talk about a celebrity or influencer who may have been spotted sporting the same exact bag, or something similar. You can even dabble with the idea of creating the look for less!

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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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