How We Made $7900 Off One Affiliate Link

How To Make $7891 Off One Affiliate Link

While Fashion Ambitions is a fashion and beauty based blog, we also talk about blogging.


We constantly receive questions about blogging, more specifically how Fashion Ambitions got started and how we have maintained and have continued to grow our platform.

So naturally, we decided to write about it.

From there, we got into all aspects of blogging, starting from the ground up.

With that, FA started promoting Bluehost, a web hosting service that we have used and truly recommend. And from simply promoting our Bluehost link, we were able to make $7900 last month.

Here’s how we did it:

Create A Blog Post

The first way we started promoted our affiliate link was by creating a post called: How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost.

Our “how to” blog post generates most of our affiliate income. And in order to make sure that income is continuous, we make sure to push constantly push traffic towards it.

To do that we do some of the following:

  1. Pin Our Post Image onto Pinterest
  2. Schedule Our Pin Relevant Pinterest Group Boards
  3. Share Our Post on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Schedule Our Post for Twitter
  5. Facebook/Instagram Live About Our Blog Post Topic
  6. Respond To Comments
  7. Check Our Posts Engagement Level
  8. Repin Our Post onto Pinterest

Continue To Write Blog Posts

Find other ways to talk about your affiliate link, especially in ways that can motivate your reader to take action.

This blog post a great example of us trying to find another way to talk about Bluehost and we’re hoping that our income reveal sparks an interest in our readers to want to join in on the action.

(You can join the action by creating a blog here.)

And depending on the results of this blog post, it may inspire us to do monthly income updates. 🙂

Deep Link

We deep link our posts and recommend other posts when it’s relevant.

Here is an example of what we post at the bottom of relevant posts:

How To Make $7891 Off One Affiliate LinkMake It Easy To Find

We make sure our How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost post is easy to find, to do that we feature the post on out:

  • navigation bar
  • post sidebar
  • resource center

Resource Center

We find that creating and promoting a recommendations page is a great and easy way to increase our affiliate income while also continuing to be helpful to our readers.

Setting an RC up shouldn’t take too long.

One thing to note is that we always update our RC with the most current recommendations that we still stand by.

Here is a direct link to our resource center: click here.

Dedicated Emails

Since our readers have specifically signed up to hear what we have to say, it makes total sense to send out an email promoting something we truly recommend.

We make sure to link and reference relevant blog posts as well as include a direct link to our affiliate, especially if there is a sale.

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How We Made $7900 Off One Affiliate Link

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