1. Why Most Men Still Don’t Casually Wear Dresses: Not once have I had a guy who, after offering to make breakfast in the morning, stood up, stretched, and grabbed one of my shifts off the floor so he didn’t have to fry up a couple of frittatas in just his socks. Never has a man walked from my room with a dress skimming the tops of his hairy thighs, the short hem flashing cheek as he rooted around for pans, the strap falling all come-hither-like down his shoulder — and me watching all of this from my bed, biting my fist. Read more on Racked
  2. Explosive Gucci Growth is “Sustainable,” Not Just Driven By “Notoriously Fad-Led” Millennials: Following that blow-out party on paper that was Kering’s full year revenue report in February, in which it touted 2017 as its “most profitable year ever,” the Paris-based conglomerate that owns Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen, amongst other brands, is holding on to its momentum with what is being described as “booming sales growth” for the first three months of 2018. Read more on TFL
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker Launches a Bridal Line, Makes All of Your Carrie Dreams Come True: Sarah Jessica Parker wants to design your wedding dress. In a new partnership with Gilt, the actress-slash-shoe-designer is now venturing into the bridal market with a ready-to-wear bridal line. Read more on Marie Claire
  4. More Recycling Can’t Fix The Fundamental Flaws With Fast Fashion: Everyone in fashion is talking about “circularity,” but just focusing on reuse isn’t enough to lower the industry’s massive carbon footprint. Read more on Fast Company



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