Daily Links: April 26 2018

  1. Meghan Markle: The Biggest Influencer of All?: As Meghan Markle steps onto the global stage, she has the potential to change the perception of fashion brands, the royal family and much more. Read more on BoF
  2. A New Study Shows That SPF 100 Sunscreens Might Not Be Just Pure Marketing BS: In today’s “Well, duh!” news, a new study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology indicates that sunscreen products with a higher sun protection factor (SPF) might actually protect you better than those with a lower SPF. While this seems like it should be totally obvious, it isn’t, because sunscreen is one of the most confusing products out there in terms of testing, marketing, and usage. Read more on Racked
  3. Muslim Fashion Is A $254 Billion Market—But Big Brands Can’t Crack It: Burberry and DKNY missed the mark, but these startups–founded by Muslim women who understand Muslim women–nailed it. Read more on Fast Company
  4. Girls need pockets too: Mom’s tweet about fashion flaw goes viral: This mom is fed up with one problem with girls’ clothing. And the internet agrees. Read more on Today.com

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