Daily Links: April 4 2018

  1. Refinery29 is Offering up its Editors as Influencers to Lure in Advertisers: Refinery29 is blurring the already hazy line between church and state when it comes to advertising. The $500 million New York-based media company – which runs Refinery29 and its various “dedicated franchises” – has long partnered with fashion entities to provide them with branded content by way of its in-house content studio, but the site might be crossing the line in combining the roles of the editorial and marketing staff, and “giving its editorial staff the chance to operate like influencers,” according to Digiday. Read more on TFL
  2. Are adverts deliberately being racist?: Several big brands have been labeled “racist” recently after releasing adverts which have backfired. Read more on BBC
  3. Kering Confirms Stella McCartney Split: Kering is selling its 50-percent stake in fashion label Stella McCartney back to the namesake designer after a 17-year partnership, confirming previous reports by BoF. The news follows a report by BoF on February 23 revealing that a formal transition process was already in motion and an announcement was imminent. Read more on BoF
  4. 10 Years Later, Watch Gosha Rubchinskiy’s First-Ever Show in Moscow: Today Gosha Rubchinskiy is known worldwide as the fashion designer who redefined cultural notions of global and local. Coming from what seemed to be the periphery, he used his background to create a new global subculture — suddenly, kids from from Paris, New York and Tokyo wanted to look Russian. Read more on Highsnobiety



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