The RealReal Hit with $5 Million+ Lawsuit for Allegedly Defrauding Jewelry Buyers
  1. The RealReal Hit with $5 Million+ Lawsuit for Allegedly Defrauding Jewelry Buyers: The RealReal might not be so real after all, or at least not according to a new $5 million-plus lawsuit filed against it earlier this month. According to the complaint, which filed by Gaby Basmadjian in a federal court in Northern California, the San Francisco-based luxury consignment website has “systematically inflated the total weights of small uncertificated gemstones knowing that the average consumer would have no way to know that the weights were inflated.” Read more on TFL
  2. Everything Kate Middleton Has Worn During Her Third Pregnancy: See everything the Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing, while we wait for the arrival of royal baby number 3. Read more on Marie Claire
  3. Polyvore Was Just Shut Down By Ssense. But Why?: On Thursday, Polyvore users were alerted to an upsetting piece of news: The website, where anyone could go to make outfit collages and mood boards, had suddenly shut down after being acquired by the high-end fashion retailer Ssense. In a note to its “Polyfam,” Polyvore explained that its operations and app had been discontinued. By that time, its website already redirected to Ssense. Read more on Racked
  4. Not Just A Manufacturing Hub – Turkey Now Aims to Make Its Fashion The Latest in Global Luxury: Over the course of multiple decades, Turkey has successfully positioned itself as a manufacturing hub to be reckoned with. From high-end apparel entities like Balmain and Hugo Boss, to fast-fashion retailers known the world over, Western companies have been taking production eastward when looking to indulge in the best of both worlds: fair pricing and quality. Now, it seems, the nation with a population of roughly 80 million, is looking to take its fashion cred from behind the scenes, to front of stage. Read more on Forbes



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