Daily Links: May 2 2018

  1. Following a 90’s Heyday, Consumers Are Actually Buying Coach Bags Again: Consumers are actually buying Coach bags again. Following a wildly successful heyday in the 1990’s, Coach’s revenue was torpedoed by consumers’ logo-fatigue, its over-reliance on department stores as retail outlets, the increased attractiveness of fellow accessible luxury players (such as Michael Kors), and a distinct change in positioning. Coach went from touting itself as “a leading marketer of modern classic American accessories” to a brand known for its “modern luxury accessories,” thereby removing any sense of aspirationality from the equation. Read more on TFL
  2. Search for “Botox” Stock Photos, Never Sleep Again: Stock photos of the cosmetic procedure are very bad, so we captioned a bunch of them. Read more on Racked
  3. What Is LED Light Therapy — and Will It Give Me Perfect Skin?: Vampire facials, microcurrent treatments, infrared saunas — just like every other popular skin-care breakthrough of the recent past, you probably saw LED therapy first on Instagram, either in the form of that serial killer-looking mask that Jessica Alba and half the Kardashians love (see what we mean here, here and here) or a hand-held device that, on first glance, looks a bit like a sex toy. Let’s dive right in. Read more on Fashionista
  4. 7 Fashion Insiders on How They’re Updating Their Closets This Spring: If the thought of what to buy for spring sends you into a full blown panic, remember: it’s not that deep. But in case you just can’t stop your panic spiral, I collected suggestions from seven fashion insiders at the biggest websites to help you out. Here, learn about the season’s new It Bag, why mules are a must-have, and the sunglasses shape that looks great on everyone. Read more on Elle

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