How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter

How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter

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While the winter season is filled with some so many holiday festivities, there’s no denying that the cold can almost be considered flat-out cruel at times.

So, how does one stay warm and preferably toasty this season?

Here’s how to layer up comfortably yet effectively and stylish:

Up Your Peacoat Game And Add A Vest + Down Jacket  

Yes, we all know how fashionable peacoats can be but they’re simply not warm enough to get you through the coldest winter days.

But let’s be clear, I’m not saying you can’t wear them, you totally can. This winter, layer up with a lightweight down jacket or vest underneath your peacoat. Doing this will allow you to stay warm while still looking sleek and stylish.

For those who aren’t aware, down jackets are insulated and easier to compress than synthetically-insulated jackets. With that in mind, this allows you to comfortably layer your peacoat over it.

How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter
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Forget The Long Underwear, Opt For A Comfortable Legging

If you’ve been wearing long underwear all this time, you’re doing it wrong.

Opting for a comfortable and light legging will do wonders. The Women’s Cuddl Duds Softwear Legging makes for an amazing base layer and allows you to move freely.

How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter
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Earmuffs… Always

So many people forget to protect their ears properly.

While a scarf may keep your neck and part of your face warm and the hat you’re sporting covers your head, sometimes these hats fail to cover your ears.

Opt for a wrap-around headband or earmuffs.

Keep Those Hands And Feet Warm

Our bodies naturally prioritize keeping our organs warm.

What does that mean?

It means, we need to keep our hands and feet warm as they are typically the first to feel the brunt of the cold.

How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter

So, in order to keep our hands and feet warm, opt for the best winter gloves possible and fully insulated boots.

When it comes to your boots, they ideally should have some extra space so you can comfortably wear them with thick wool socks.

Cover Your Face

This should really go without saying as leaving your face exposed can make the cold super difficult to endure. You can always opt for a ski mask but if that’s not really your vibe, there are so many other ways to keep your face warm. You can even opt for specially made jackets with hoods that aim to protect your face from harsh circumstances.

Start Off Warm

I workout in the mornings and I’ve always noticed that during my walk to work, I’m typically a lot warmer than my walk back from work.

My workouts consist of a 45-minute run and either a lower body workout or upper body.

Before you leave the house, consider doing some pushups, jumps, lunges, and squats to get the blood flowing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Layer Up… You Can Always Take Them Off

The best thing you can do for yourself is to overlayer. It’s better being too warm than too cold.

How To Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter

Layer up like the hikers do and opt for vests, down jackets and base layers. Cover up your extremities and protect your ears with earmuffs. Also, don’t forget to cover your face and to warm up your body before leaving the house.

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