The Duchess of Cambridge Backs Sustainable Fashion

The Duchess of Cambridge Backs Sustainable Fashion

Thirty one designers as well as 26 artisans are coming together from the Commonwealth‘s 52 countries, to create eco-friendly fashion.

This initiative has been named the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange and has been created to promote not only a collaborative but sustainable work ethic across the globe.

Within the project, designers from each country will partner up to create unique looks to be featured at London Fashion Week, during a reception in Buckingham Palace.

During the reception you can expect the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex to be in attendance.

Harper Bazaar notes:

“The project, by Eco-Age founder Livia Firth, will see the likes of Burberry and Stella McCartney fly the sartorial flag for the UK while Karen Walker will represent New Zealand.”

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland QC notes the initiative has “collaboration and partnership at its heart” and hopes to make “sustainability and fairness very real and tangible”.

The exhibition will be made public at Australia House on February 21, 2018.



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