Vetements x Harrods For Sustainable Fashion

Vetements x Harrods For Sustainable Fashion

For Vetements latest campaign, the Swiss label has decided to bring attention to the problem of overproduction and emphasizing the need for sustainable fashion.

With that, Vetements has teamed up with London luxury department store, Harrods by taking over four window displays.

And to bring this campaign to life, Vetements is asking the public to donate their old clothes, which will be used to form the installation.

The mounted clothes you see above, are used to represent not only mass production but the avoidable strain on resources.

The Vetements’ CEO Guram Gvasalia, spoke with Vogue:

“For brands to become more sustainable today, they need to do one simple thing: have their supply meet their demand. It’s like throwing away food in a world full of hunger. Our planet is sick because of us, because we want more and more and more, without thinking of generations to come.”

So for those looking to donate some clothes, donations will be accepted via the bank displays embedded in the windows (in London).

In return, donators will receive an exclusive Vetements x Harrods wristband made from recycled plastic bottles.

And for those who are not in the London area, Vetements is reportedly installing an additional 40 other displays at various departments stores in the future.

The campaign can be viewed from February 8 until March 2nd.



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