4 Reasons Why Dancing Is The Best Meditation

Dance meditation has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. But it wasn’t until 1995 that one experience dancer pulled together the moves that perfected what is now defined as dance meditation.

In 1995 Dunya Mcpherson spent 1001 days with Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan. The depth of training mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally allowed Mcpherson to define the basic moves of Dance meditation.

It is important that you take this very seriously. You will only get out of it, what you put in.

Consider yourself in training.

Wear dance leotards and dance shoes.

Eat properly to assist your physical change and mental clarity.

Improvement and growth are done quickly. Every time you practice, you walk away more self-aware and spiritually mature. That is an improvement. But, perfect takes a lifetime.

Yes, you can master the moves, but you will not achieve the depths of oneness, passion, and any true happiness without going much deeper. When will you reach a level of perfection? We are not sure anyone ever has.

Basic Steps To Dance Meditation


Your eyes can be open or closed.

When the music starts begin to shake.

Your goal is to have every inch of your body shaking. This takes a lot of concentration. This initial step frees you. It loosens your body. It wakes up your attention.

For those of you that think; “I will wash my face, slam down a glass of juice, give myself a shake and I’m ready to go.” Let me remind you. This is not a quick program. The shaking phase is the beginning. You will have to shake for 15 minutes. You will use the power of your mind.

If you do not believe me, stop reading.

For 2 minutes and see if you can shake your toes, feet, and legs at the same time. This takes superior mental power.


Listen to your body.

It doesn’t matter how you dance,

Again, your eyes can be open or closed.

You can twirl, jump, wave, or run. You can dance fast or you can stand still.

This period of time is an additional 15 minutes. You are letting go of the negativity and inviting positive power into your body.


Most people sit on the floor.

You can sit, stand, or do whatever you need for the next 15 minutes.

You are to be still, silent, and observant of everything around you.

Look inside, what do you see about yourself. How close are you to the person you want to be?

Observe around you.

Focus so hard that you can feel the very air in the room.

What vibrations are you sending and what do you perceive from around you? Nature will make herself open to you if you make yourself open to her.


This final 15 minute is what you have prepared yourself for.

Lie down in silence and stillness for 15 minutes.

You have torn away a layer of emotional skin. When you are more skilled, you will not only learn more about your family, teammates, and friends.

4 Reasons Why This Makes You A Better Dancer

Many people think great dancers are born.

We disagree.

A great dancer puts all they have and all they have into dancing.

A great dancer has great muscular strength and controls every muscle in his or her body while maintaining perfect grace.

Concentration is a discipline. Once it is masters, anything is possible.

A great dancer controls their body. They become one with the music, and every note is absorbed. They are aware of what is on the stage and the position of other dancers.

A great dancer senses when other dancer is off. She feels it in the energy in the room. She works around it and she maintains the integrity of the performance.

A great dancer never lets anyone or anything reduce the quality of their performance. The music is inside her. The integrity of the dance is inside her, A great dancer owns their performance and there is no excuse in their mind for a poor performance.

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