Summer Workout: Stay Fit And Healthy Through The Hottest Months

Summer may seem like a bad season to exercise since some months can be really hot and humid. But that is only another excuse the lazy among us like to use in order to skip a few workouts here and there.

The truth is you can still stay fit and healthy through the hottest months, you just have to change your routine a bit.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is important for any workout no matter the season.

However, since you will sweat intensively during the hot months, make sure that you pay attention to hydration more than usual.

Add some refreshing fruits like lemons and vegetables like cucumbers in the water to add vitamins and enhance freshness.

Don’t forget to take small sips and not gulp the whole bottle down since that can make you nauseous and too full to exercise.

To make water consumption a bit easier, consider water bottles with compartments in the middle for fruits and vegetables.

Do workouts in the morning

Summer days are too hot to workout especially if you do it outside, so you will have to create a completely new routine.

This may be tricky in the beginning, but don’t give up and you will quickly get used to it.

Set your alarm for early morning, before the heat sets in or you go to work, but give yourself enough time for breakfast and getting ready as well. That way you will avoid creating a good excuse, not to workout in the morning.

It takes 20-30 minutes per day to respect the World Health Organization recommendations for exercising. This is actually an excellent way to start the day so consider turning it into a whole year activity, not only during summer. It will boost your metabolism and mood for the upcoming day so you will feel more refreshed and energized.

Take your proteins

You usually spend nutrients during workouts and it’s advisable to take supplements and shakes to help your body heal and adapt.

Using a post-workout protein powder as a regular part of your diet will maintain your muscle mass and help you tone your physique. That way you will make sure that you took all the necessary steps to have a healthy workout even if it’s really hot outside.

It’s important to know that protein won’t turn into fat in your body like carbs do, but will actually help you build lean mass like muscles. With that, turn to a diet rich in protein with some expert guidance from a dietician and you will tone your body in no time.

Try water sports

Although you should avoid exercising outside on a hot day, there are exceptions.

Water sports are perfect for the hottest months and they will also give you all the exercise you need. One of those is swimming – a perfect summer activity that will also keep you cool.

Go to the lake, river or sea nearby and use their cool waters to improve circulation while building your muscle strength with swimming.

You can also try public pools, but they can be crowded and water will quickly warm up and become uncomfortable.

Another great water exercise is kayaking, especially in the early morning when you can also take a break and enjoy the stillness of nature around you. It will not only be a good exercise for the body, but also a relaxing moment for the mind.  

Sleep well

You will often hear that sleep is important for almost every major function of our bodies, from thinking to skin care.

But summer heats can make it hard for us to get a good night’s sleep and so you have to find a perfect way to achieve that.

Although you avoid taking too many fluids before sleep so you wouldn’t wake up at night for bathroom breaks, that is actually a mistake.

A glass of water by your bedside will keep you hydrated at night and prevent you from walking all the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night.


Summer is a great month of outdoor activities and water sports, so don’t use it as an excuse not to exercise. Simply change your routine and maybe even the type of exercise to better fit the hottest months and you will keep your beach body for the winter.

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